Robert Fico: ‘Islam has no place in Slovakia’

Prime minister worries about migrants ‘changing the face of the country.’

Robert Fico has begun his third term as Slovakia’s prime minister by stepping up his anti-Muslim rhetoric just weeks before the country takes over the EU Council presidency.

“It may look strange but sorry … Islam has no place in Slovakia,” Fico told the TASRnewswire Wednesday. The problem is not migrants coming in, he said, but “rather in them changing the face of the country.”

An official from the European People’s Party told POLITICO last week that no one in Brussels is enthusiastic about the Slovak presidency.

“We are in the middle of a huge reform on migration, and we’re almost over,” the official said. “How are we going to be led by a country which will torpedo any plan on migration?”

Thank God there will be a sane man in Brussels, he’s upsetting the ususal suspects.

  • Ed

    Just like saudi arabia is no place for christians. Fair ‘n square.

  • Martin B

    If everyone in Brussels hates him, you know he’s right.

  • Brenda

    He may be sane, but what can he accomplish, exactly?
    And what does this ‘huge reform on migration’ they’re in the middle of involve?

    • Alain

      I agree. Staying within the EU, he and his country can accomplish nothing concerning the islamisation of European countries. There will never be any “huge reform on migration”, since the goal of population replacement remains. They may do a bit of tinkering for appearances and in an attempt to convince their citizens they are dealing with the problem they themselves created and continue to nurture.

  • When are Islamic nations going to step up?

    Oh, yes. They won’t.

    Hajira and so forth.

  • pdxnag

    Islamic countries that are manufacturing extraordinary excess population should only receive aid in the form of condoms, vasectomies and tubal ligations. Your fertility rates are too bloody high!

    No sympathy, for folks sooo rich.

  • Oracle9

    There will have to be a wall dividing the former Soviet countries and the remains of the countries of Western Europe. Two cultures living side by side in peace and prosperity, with Geneva as a shared capital.