Isn’t it puke-inducing being lectured about poverty by millionaire comics?

Going Forward (BBC4, Thursdays) is a BBC comedy about the continuing adventures of Kim Wilde, the fat, cynical but lovable nurse character played by former nurse Jo Brand. Now she has quit the NHS and is working in the private sector for a company called Buccaneer 2000 — which is, of course, exactly what a healthcare company would call itself in order to allay potential criticisms that it was backward-looking, heartless and rapacious.

This is one of the series’ big problems.

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    Yeah, I saw this episode of “Getting on” : ….old people from the Indian subcontinent have tight family groups capable of caring for them.” The series comes across as realistic and then starts moralizing and I can remember feeling peeved at this point…like a mini betrayal. I will see if I can access Addicted to sheep.