Islamic terrorism is linked to Islam, says Salman Rushdie, so why deny that?

“…in the video above, posted on a Youtube channel Big Think Rushdie argues that we need to address the problem of Islam. He argues for free speech and avers that minorities, with reference to Muslim populations in the West, should promote free speech even if that means having to be bear “a certain amount of criticism of their own ideas” because it’s in self interest.

He starts off by commenting of how in the past it was the Right Wing that did not allow any criticism of religions, but that mantle has since been passed over to the Left, the new “god squad”.

Rushdie then explains why he thinks criticising Islam is valid.

  • Jose M Ruiz

    Religious people still don’t like or respect people who attack as appose criticized on religion. Call all Catholics pedophiles, or talk about the problems facing institutions dealing with the problem vs the Catholics Church. I don’t think that anyone accepts “Christ in piss” as anything but an attack and not a criticism. To equate what most religions face and comparing that to legit criticism is ridiculous.

  • Malcolm Y

    I disagree. The left is a god squad for certain religions or groups of people that claim to be religious (remember the professors in “The Jesus Project”) but not for all.

    So here’s my breakdown looking from a leftist viewpoint:

    Bad: Christianity – especially Catholics; Greek, Russian, “Eastern” Orthodoxy; maybe mormons & 7th day adventists; Unitarians don’t believe in God – they’re a club for SJWs.

    Mostly Good Sometimes Bad: bad only when opposing mohammedans – Buddhists, Shintoism, Hinduism, Falun-Gong, Satanism, Wicca etc.

    Good: mohammedanism because they along with leftists want to completely destroy Christianity.