Half of Twitter misogyny comes from women

Shocked enough yet? From psychologist Dr. Helen:

… if the government wants to educate people, it should start by telling the truth and that is that women are as likely as men, or maybe even more likely, to harass and abuse people on the internet. Women tend to be covert and to use their verbal skills to hurt others. The internet makes a good cover for their aggressive tendencies. Why does this surprise anyone? More.

Reality check: In the burgeoning low-employment, low-achievement society, social advancement will largely mean acquiring an accepted victim status. That means suitable theatrics, which in turn means that the abuse will be assumed to be coming from men, irrespective of evidence. In fact, it’s one of the few situations where sex will not be self-determined if one is an anatomically a male. (Whether or not the male tweeted anything abusive. He can be socially constructed to have done so because he is defined socially as male.)

See also: Another bathroom story flushed It probably doesn’t matter, in a genuine progressive environment, whether the story is true. Anything that enables identity group posturing is better than true. It is easier to shape, for one thing.

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