Germany’s New “Integration Law”

After months of haggling, Germany’s coalition government has agreed on a new “Integration Law” aimed at regulating the rights and responsibilities of asylum seekers in Germany.

The main focus of the law is to encourage refugees to learn enough German to be able to find a job and help pay for their living expenses.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has hailed the new law as a “milestone,” and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says it represents a “true paradigm shift in Germany.”

Critics counter that the new law is a largely symbolic measure directed at reassuring German voters and blunting the rise of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party.

  • JoKeR

    I believe these are the first seven phrases that have been agreed upon as the most important to be taught:
    Wo ist meine Regierung Geld?
    Ich will mehr Geld der Regierung?
    Gib mir Sex.
    Gib mir dein Geld.
    Wenn Sie die Polizei rufen Sie sind ein Rassist.
    Spielen Sie die Ungläubigen Steuer.
    Konvertieren oder zu sterben.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Yes, this is putting lipstick on a pig.

  • V10_Rob

    Integration takes time, of course. But coming from her, this is a sop to the outrage that threatens to sweep her and others from office. It puts off having to reverse course for several years while the success of individual integrations are judged by fuzzy standards, and no doubt subject to numerous drawn out appeals.

    • Alain

      When it comes to Islam, there is never integration. There are only two choices for a country: accept and submit to complete islamisation or reject Islam completely.

  • Hard Little Machine

    People who there illegally already committing other crimes aren’t going to give a shit about MORE laws.