France braces for further strikes in half-term travel chaos

Days before the Euro 2016 football tournament kicks off, President François Hollande, already under pressure over terrorism fears, is frantically seeking a face-saving way to end the crisis over bitterly disputed labour reforms.

  • The French are very good at striking.

  • The Butterfly

    Why can’t it ever be immigration officials that go on strike?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Either way France is doomed. Keep the labor laws and the economy will grind to a halt. Try to remove them and it grinds to a halt anyway. And even if the law changes are passed the situation is so dire, so many people will get laid off it will break the social welfare system.

    French unemployment is nothing like 10% – that’s structural full employment in France. Actual unemployment is at least 15-17% perhaps even higher.

  • bob e

    good luck with all this ..