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german-flagGermany Will Be ‘Failed State’ in 25 Years If It Doesn’t Address Soaring Migrant Crime

“Proportionately speaking, non-Germans and migrants account for maybe between 10 and 15 per cent of the population. We don’t know the exact figures. How could you, when you have porous borders? But when you look at the total number of offences: 30 per cent caused by non-Germans or illegal migrants or asylum seekers. Thirty per cent of homicides. Twenty per cent of sexual assaults. Forty per cent of robberies. Seventy-five per cent of pickpocketing and purse snatching.”

sweden riotsSweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy? Part I of a Series: The Islamization of Sweden

In Sweden’s last census in which citizens were asked about their religious beliefs, in 1930, fifteen people said that they were Muslims. Since 1975, when Sweden started its transformation from a homogenous, Swedish country into a multicultural and multi-religious one, the number of Muslims has exploded. Now, approximately one million Muslims live here — Sunni, Shia and Ahmadiyya from all the corners of the world — and Mosques are built and planned all over the country.

No one, however, seems to have asked the crucial question upon which Sweden’s future depends: Is Islam compatible with democracy?

Venezuela_protest.0.0How Venezuela’s socialist dream collapsed into a nightmare

Venezuela is in the midst of a stunning social, political, and economic collapse. The country of 30 million people is facing dire food and medicine shortages, frequent power outages, serious political unrest, the world’s highest inflation rate, rampant violent crime, and one of the world’s highest murder rates. Earlier this month, Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, declared a state of emergency.

In short, Venezuela has become the world’s most visibly failing state.

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ISIS Forecast: Ramadan 2016

Executive Summary: The next forty-five days constitute a high-risk period for a surge of attacks by ISIS during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. ISIS traditionally uses Ramadan – which begins on June 6 and ends on July 5, 2016 – as a justification for its attacks and as an occasion to reorient its strategy. This year, ISIS will likely take action to reverse serious losses in Iraq and Syria while expanding its attacks against the non-Muslim world in an attempt to spark an apocalyptic total war. ISIS is still operationally capable in its core terrain and stands poised to expand its operations over the next six weeks, particularly in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. This forecast will outline the most likely and most dangerous targets that ISIS may seek to operate against during Ramadan.

trumpThe horrific truth is that Donald Trump could win the US presidency

Donald Trump did what many had thought would never happen this week by securing enough delegates to wrap up the Republican nomination. He’d been written off from the very start, with Time magazine saying Trump’s campaign was filled with ’empty flair’ and was just ‘another marketing opportunity’ for the billionaire businessman. Few would have thought that just 11 months later, Trump would have bagged the 1,237 GOP delegates he needed.

1200px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2Trump Is Worse Than Everyone Thought On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

No one expected Donald Trump to give a single energy speech and suddenly pivot to the left on global warming, after a record of expressing skepticism that global warming exists on several prior occasions.

However, few of even the most die-hard, wary environmentalists likely expected what they got on Thursday, when Trump both effectively clinched the nomination and gave a dismissive energy speech in North Dakota.

The speech amounted to a broadside against the Obama administration’s climate and energy policies, as well as Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s proposals, in addition to climate science and energy market realities.

trump masksThe surreal creepiness of a Chinese factory churning out Donald Trump masks

As WorldViews noted earlier, a March editorial in the state-run Global Times said the rise of the “narcissistic and inflammatory candidate,” who also happens to be “abusively racist and extremist,” illustrated the pitfalls of American democracy and raised the “prospect of institutional failure.”

Other Chinese are less wary, including the owners of the Jinhua Partytime Latex Art and Crafts Factory in China’s eastern Zhejiang province.

trump san diego protestersIn San Diego, Trump shames local ‘Mexican’ judge as protesters storm streets

Campaigning here just a few miles from the Mexican border, Trump repeatedly said he would win the support of Latinos in the general election, even though polls show Latino voters overwhelmingly opposed to his candidacy.

But the scene outside his rally offered a different take. Hundreds of protesters packed into a barricaded courtyard between the San Diego Convention Center, where Trump was campaigning, and downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter district. People held homemade signs, large Mexican flags and half a dozen Trump piñatas — including one that had dollar signs for eyes and another with a pig’s nose.

Hillary-280x175Could these 3 emails sink Hillary’s campaign?

The three messages — which appear to have been found among electronic files of four former top Clinton State Department aides — included Clinton’s own explanation of why she wanted her emails kept private. In a November 2010, email, Clinton worried that her personal messages could become accessible to outsiders.

Two other messages a year later divulged possible security weaknesses in the home email system she used while secretary of state. The Clinton campaign has previously denied that her home server was compromised.

hollyjordanNC teacher calls on educators to inject LGBTQ focus into everyday lessons

Hillside High School teacher Holly Jordan thinks schools and teachers should work to snuff out “heteronormativity” – the misguided notion that the God-created roles of male and female are “normal.”

She’s encouraging her fellow educators to challenge “gender norms” by providing “micro-affirmations” to gay and transgender students, incorporating gay lifestyles into the curriculum whenever possible, and countering “micro-aggressions” against sexually abnormal students during class time.

Germany protestantsGerman Bishop wants Islam classes in all state schools

The head of the Protestant Church in Germany has called for Islam to be taught in state schools across the country as a way to make young Muslims impervious to the “temptation of fundamentalists”.

He said Islamic associations in Germany should be responsible for these courses and hoped they would organise themselves to be a “clear partner” for the German state.

kimHow to spot credit card skimmers

One of the more successful tools of 21st century crooks is the skimmer. Thieves attach them to ATMs, gas pumps and other places people swipe their credit and debit cards. Once in place, this sneaky bit of electronics steals the magnetic strip information from your card.

The thieves use this information to clone your card, and once they have a clone, they can drain your bank account, or run up huge bills and trash your credit before you even know it. That’s one reason credit card companies and stores are switching to EMV cards, but it will take a while before every retailer has them.

car with bullet holesCalifornia mayors demand surveillance cams on crime-ridden highways

The 28 shootings along a 10-mile stretch of San Francisco-area highway over the past six months have led mayors of the adjacent cities to declare that these “murderous activities” have reached “crisis proportions.” Four people have been killed and dozens injured, including a pregnant mother of four children who was shot to death earlier this month.

“These recent shootings bring the total number of San Francisco’s East Bay Area freeway shootings to 28 since November 2015,” said the CHP. “Evidence suggests these shootings appear to be gang related, with different gangs involved. Gang shootings are extremely difficult to investigate, as victims and witnesses are often uncooperative with law enforcement investigators.”

moslem pedos

Another Muslim sex-slave pedophile gang in England?

Police this week revealed exclusively to the Keighley News that the cases involve 261 suspects and 188 victims.

The figures were obtained by the Keighley News after the town’s former MP, Ann Cryer, spoke about how the battle must go on to bring perpetrators of the vile crime to justice.