Yet another idiot judge…

Judge pans spy agency claims against Egyptian branded a terror threat

TORONTO – No credible evidence exists that an Egyptian man the Canadian government branded a terrorist more than 16 years ago was ever a member of a violent group, engaged in terrorism activities or posed a threat to Canada, a Federal Court judge said Thursday.

In explaining why she had decided a national security certificate against Mahmoud Jaballah was unreasonable, Judge Dolores Hansen said she found numerous problems with evidence from the government and Canada’s spy service.

“They have not established that there are reasonable grounds to believe (Jaballah) was, or is, a member of (al-Jihad),” Hansen said in written reasons.

  • tom_billesley

    Judges can’t understand “secret” and expect identities of operatives and informants and details of all surveillance methods to be revealed to the defence, effectively disabling counter-terrorism work for years and putting people’s lives at risk. They think it’s a small price to pay as long as they can approach the trial in the same way as they would a car theft. The only answer to this is not to go to trial in a civil court.

    • Judges have egos;)

    • Jim Horne

      Even the dhimmis in Hollywood know what has to be done to win the war on terror.

      Excerpt from West Wing – Issac and Ishmael

      That said, Tobus, we’re going to have to do some stuff. We’re going to have to tap some phones and we’re going to have to partner with some people who are the lesser of evils.

      I’m sorry but terrorists don’t have armies and navies. They don’t have capitals. Some of these guys we’re going to have to walk up to them and shoot them.

      Yeah, we can root terrorist nests but some of these guys aren’t going to be taken by the 105thn armored tank division. Some of these guys are going to be taken by a busboy with a silencer.

      So it’s time to give the intelligence agencies the money and the manpower they need. We don’t hear about their successes.

      Guess what? The Soviets never crossed the Elbe. The North Koreans stayed behind the 38th parallel. During the Millennium? Not one incident. Do you think that’s because the terrorists decided that’d be a good day to take off? Not much action that day? End of song.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Dolores rhymes with clitoris. Just saying.

  • BillyHW

    His name is Mo yo.

  • This was in the ’90’s under the Chretien Liberals wasn’t it? Makes sense then that innocent people were being branded terrorists instead of the real terrorists. Not that there were a lot of terrorists then anyway — the ’90s was a relatively peaceful decade following the end of the Cold War.

    The Liberals have never been good at spotting genuine terrorists. PM Chretien personally intervened to admit Khadr senior into Canada, duped into thinking he was a “Muslim aid worker” unjustly imprisoned in Pakistan. When he was in fact an active combatant in Al Queda and one of Bin Ladin’s fighters. In fact Khadr recruited three of his sons to fight for Al Queda and was killed fighting for them — all under the noses of the Liberals and while living in Canada.

  • Alain

    The clencher was reading “in explaining why she..”. Were all female judges like Judge Judy I would not have a problem.