Victim of Muslim Slavers in Scotland speaks out…

A slave in Scotland: ‘I fell into a trap – and I couldn’t get out’

What’s left of the Stewart hotel sits on a steep hill overlooking sheep-flecked fields, tumbling hedgerows and distant snow-capped mountains in Appin, west Scotland. Even in its prime, the 37-bedroom hotel would have been an eyesore, but now it’s a wreck, the windows smashed, the roof collapsed by months of winter rain.

Just a few years ago, hundreds of tourists passed through this hotel each summer, drawn by the natural beauty of the West Highlands. According to scathing reviews on TripAdvisor and other travel websites, the view was the only good thing about the hotel. Archived posts say the rooms were filthy, the taps broken, the food inedible. Many reviewers complain about the staff, describing them as overwhelmed, unskilled and incompetent.

My diversity is enriched reading about Islam’s penchant for slavery, how bout you?

  • BillyHW

    What do they contribute to our societies? Why do we let them in? To bring us down?

    • To accommodate the twisted multicultural fantasies of the reality denying idiot liberal left.

    • Alain

      It results in a balkanised and non cohesive population making the imposition of a global government easier than a cohesive and homogenous population.

      • Clinton

        Exactly. A population is easier to rule when it is disarmed
        and afraid. Frightened people will be willing to let the government
        erode their freedoms of speech and assembly, and accept
        the intrusions of a police state. This crisis is engineered to
        increase the powers of the state at the expense of the people’s

        • WalterBannon

          A population is easier to rule when it is more immediately afraid of each other than it is of its govt.

          The destruction of our culture is intended to destabilize society and prevent the formation of any real opposition to the govt, as well as give them excuses to justify their own acts of further oppression against the people.

          It is an act of treason by our govts.

  • bargogx1

    You can be damned sure that the UK’s immigration system, and/or their version of the TFW system, is somehow complicit in this.

    • Frances

      Like Canada’s is with respect to the Edmonton Filipina who preyed upon her countrymen and has recently been convicted. She wasn’t nearly so bad as Arefin, but the story of how she treated her workers isn’t pretty. And when you look at these cases, it’s usually a fellow-countryman who – having attained legal status and respectability – who is the abuser.

      • Never underestimate what one country will do to its own people.

  • As usual, the Britons debated how to handle a case involving “Asians”.

    Surprise, surprise.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Scotland the most antisemitic part of the UK. Small Wonder or hilarious side effect?