Tories must fight for the little guy says editorial… They’re serious too

As Conservatives gather this weekend in Vancouver to discuss their future, it’s important they don’t forget their past.

One of the Conservative Party’s core values should be to stick up for the little guy through thick and thin.

That would be new ground for them.

Our previous conservative government gave us:

A destructive Mass immigration policy, Canada’s Muslim population was bizarrely doubled in the decade following 911.

The cost of “accommodating” Islamic settlement keeps rising as does our security risk.

New records for immigration intake were set under their watch, even though we are allegedly on the cusp of the “Automation of everything”.

The conservatives gave us the Temporary Foreign Workers program scandal, a policy so popular with corporate fat-cats like Tim Horton’s it was actually a formal part of their business plan.

Free Trade deals with countries that don’t practice free trade, a boon for corporations looking to outsource jobs without a care for the economic security of Canadians.

Not a word will be spoken about toxic policy such as multiculturalism other than to praise this vote whoring scam as some imaginary “Canadian value”.

Forget about selling off the CBC or abortion, the Cons are on board the “We wanna be the Liberals express”.

If they really want to stand up for the “Little Guy” they could start with building walls around Toronto, Ottawa and their party headquarters.