Tories must fight for the little guy says editorial… They’re serious too

As Conservatives gather this weekend in Vancouver to discuss their future, it’s important they don’t forget their past.

One of the Conservative Party’s core values should be to stick up for the little guy through thick and thin.

That would be new ground for them.

Our previous conservative government gave us:

A destructive Mass immigration policy, Canada’s Muslim population was bizarrely doubled in the decade following 911.

The cost of “accommodating” Islamic settlement keeps rising as does our security risk.

New records for immigration intake were set under their watch, even though we are allegedly on the cusp of the “Automation of everything”.

The conservatives gave us the Temporary Foreign Workers program scandal, a policy so popular with corporate fat-cats like Tim Horton’s it was actually a formal part of their business plan.

Free Trade deals with countries that don’t practice free trade, a boon for corporations looking to outsource jobs without a care for the economic security of Canadians.

Not a word will be spoken about toxic policy such as multiculturalism other than to praise this vote whoring scam as some imaginary “Canadian value”.

Forget about selling off the CBC or abortion, the Cons are on board the “We wanna be the Liberals express”.

If they really want to stand up for the “Little Guy” they could start with building walls around Toronto, Ottawa and their party headquarters.

  • The Butterfly

    So sick and tired of “conservatives”.

    • Me three.

    • Clausewitz

      They’re not conservatives, they are Conservatives. There’s big big difference.

  • “Conservatives” are just Liberals who didn’t get hired. Deservedly. They claim not to believe in what they in fact vote for.

    • They are no different. I expect the convention will end without a single original or daring thought uttered.

    • mauser 98

      Ont. PC Pat Brown dropped his drawers and jumped in with the carbon tax global warming whacks
      …a good chance BabyDoc will implode before next election

    • Clausewitz

      Politics is Hollywood for the ugly.

  • Alain

    From my memory the CPC did not start the TFW, but I agree they did nothing to end it. The same applies to mass immigration, at a level that it should rightly be called population replacement. In fact the numbers grew under the CPC. None of them, including Harper, had the courage to take truly effective action on anything other than perhaps getting rid of the Wheat Board. Everything else was timid tinkering, such as eliminating the long gun registry instead of repealing the Liberals’ Firearms Act to be replaced with something that protected law-abiding gun owners. The CBC should have been privatised (sold off). The whole scam of multiculturalism, the CHRC and all related legislation should have been dealt with. Never did they, including the PM, come out strongly and openly to defend our traditional right to freedom of expression. We kept being told that only incrementalism would work. The evidence is now in that it did not work, since within just a few month of regaining power the Liberals have undone almost all of those little accomplishments.

    Although I am among those who count Harper as having been the best PM in a long time, it is sad that this must be based on comparing him with the alternative: NDP or Liberals. I confess that I think he timing to resign as PM was bad. He could have done this a year prior to the election, especially knowing the level of the HDS created and nourished by the media. I have read on other “conservative” sites those who praise him having kept a “low profile” during these few months in the Opposition. I don’t see that as a positive at all. Some suggest that it was a good strategy in that Trudeau will hang himself. Again I strongly disagree, since there has been no shortage of opportunities that required a strong and courageous voice to respond to the damage being done by the Liberals. The latest “elbowgate” is a good example. Harper and other sitting Conservatives should have insisted that the Speaker do his job by removing Trudeau for having crossed, not once but twice, the forbidden line. Add to that what qualifies as physical assault and yet to my knowledge none of them were willing to take on the issue.

    Yes, I admit to being bitterly disappointed, knowing the courage of people like Marine Le Pen, Wilders, Trump and a few others. Le Pen for example faces a much more hostile media and establishment that Harper ever did, yet she does not back down, nor allow herself to be intimidated and silenced by a hostile and dishonest media.

    • The CPC did not start TFW but the fiasco happened on their watch.

      And as you note there many lost opportunities to right the culture.

      Incrementalism was just cowardice.

      • Alain

        Totally concur about the TFW; that although they did not create it, they not only did nothing to eliminate it, they allowed it to get even worse on their watch just like they did with immigration.

      • V10_Rob

        The constant cringing and timidity in the face of the Left, terrified of offending them and living in fear that one of them will call you names, does not inspire voters.

        They don’t have to go full Trump (not that it’d entirely a bad thing), but standing their ground and refusing to be swayed by the usual snowflakes screaming ‘Nazis!’ will do them wonders.

    • Linda1000

      You might find this poll interesting – taken by Abacus last week on voters in Canada who do not support Trump and the results show the majority of Cdns. are Democrat supporters. What does that say about Cdn. voters in general? No wonder Cdns. elected Boywonder last fall. Just saying… Also, anyone who supports Trump is supposedly uncouth and uneducated, etc. according to various analysis by other pundits on other U.S. sites.
      Note to BillyHW – “men” in Canada would vote almost identical to women in their non-support of Trump (according to this poll).
      The mary jane boys demanding action of legalizing pot and assorted other protesters greeted Trudy in Winnipeg today.

      Further, I can’t stand Trudy’s whiney, nasel voice. Where did that come from? Note Bob Rae making faces in the audience.

      • Alain

        For myself that poll reflects more than anything else that the majority of those polled get their news and talking points from Canadian MSM. I have found that those who use other news sources have a very different opinion of Trump. Still I sadly admit that the leftist indoctrination and propaganda has been going on longer here than in the US.

  • ontario john

    One conservative MP complained at the convention, that the party is going liberal lite in its new approach. Just what tax payers need. Even the Wild Rose party suspended an MPP for being honest about the most corrupt liberal premier in the country. And I almost puked when I saw a few minutes ago the highlights of Trudeau’s speech. The little dictator is becoming quite the little fascist like his father. Wants to control all party money and decisions at the top, and spent a large part of his speech making fun of the conservatives. The conservatives are evil.

    • What a country.

      • Alain

        It makes it extremely difficult to maintain any level of hope. I suspect I am more bitter due to having placed so much hope in the CPC thinking they would take strong, principled action to correct a good part of the damage done by the Liberals. I accept that that was my own mistake.

        • Maggat

          And… the mistake of many more of us.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I am all in for Western Separatism.

          • Can I come with you?

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Yes, but I will sleep on the couch.

          • WalterBannon

            I am all for emigration.

            Just a few more years at the grind stone and then I am out of here….

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I have to stay for a while longer.
            Unless there is a power company in Texas that is looking for another tech.

          • Alain

            I used to feel the same until I started doing some real homework and research. Unless I was willing at my age to take on a totally different language, there was no place left that had not been contaminated by socialism. I mean a place where individual rights and freedoms were upheld.

          • Alain

            I have been for a very long time, but the same problem for that remains the lack of a strong, courageous and principled voice leading the way.

  • simus1

    Vote whores usually see their main priorities as making nice with local oligarchs, being errand boys for the rent seeking pimps, getting unsavory international criminals quick citizenship, and ignoring the vital interests of the voters who elected them.