The Pornification of Conservative Inc.

Way back in the olden thymes, access to pornography was limited. When I was a kid, there were magazines sold from behind the counter, books sold from the backs of those magazines and smoker films that came from sleazy vendors in big cities. Women had bodice rippers, the soft porn of romantic novels, which were sold openly in grocery stores. Otherwise, it was your imagination when it came to titillation.

The result of this was a tiny porn industry. Magazines like Playboy were “big time” in that they had a large subscriber base and were able to work from swank offices, but they were still relatively small. They maybe used three or four girls in each issue and some women would appear repeatedly so the pool of women, who made money in men’s magazines, was tiny. The same was true of smoker films and the money they made was tiny as well.

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  • dance…dancetotheradio

    S.E. Cupp walks into a bar.
    The bartender says S. E. Cupp we have a drink named after you.
    S. E. Cupp says you have a drink called secret commie?

  • Gary

    The problem with open porn over the last few decades is that the Liberals like Wynne’s buddy Ben Levin now has to go to Kiddie-Porn to get his kicks.
    Don’t be shocked when our Lesbian premier pushes for Pedophilia to be seen as a mental illness from birth that is protected by the Charter Of Rights as a Disability where the Police can’t touch a pedophile until they claim to be a women and go into the women’s wash room where little girls are and assault them .

    Liberals are just nuts enough to do this to protect the Pedophile teachers and those inside the Liberal party that are currently in the closet .