The Burqa-wearing Trojan Horse

Historically, the United States has been considered a Christian nation with a Judeo-Christian culture. Until recently, the Islamic faith was simply not part of the conversation but the tragedy of 9/11 changed this forever. Muslims are now on everyone’s radar screen. Their presence is readily noted at any public or private gathering and they are naturally viewed with a wary or suspicious eye. Is this profiling? Yes. Is it wrong? Not necessarily. While every Muslim is not a terrorist, every act of terror has been committed by a Muslim and radical Islam is on the rise.

This is something Muslims may not like to hear but it’s a very natural response to the reports of terrorism we hear about in the news almost daily.

That’s an understatement. It’s not almost daily that we hear about Muslim atrocities of one kind or another, it’s by the hour if not more frequently.

Nowhere does Islam exist in peace, it is a violent supremacist cult.

  • BillyHW

    Islam must be fought just like we fought Naziism.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Had secular Judaism not weakened western civilization by ostracizing Christianity from the public space, then maybe we would be better able to resist such foreign challenges.
    Secularism doesn’t leave many effective weapons to fight such an enemy as Islam.

    • I would not place the blame on secular Jews, they were merely part of a larger misguided and destructive zealotry.

    • Alain

      I think the cause is communist infiltration that took place over time rather than secular Jews. There is no secular Judaism, but there are those who are Jews by birth only whose “religion” is leftism/socialism/communism. Still without a huge number of non Jews following the same ideology, they never had the numbers to accomplish the present state of affairs.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        If greater Judaism still considers them Jews, then whom am I to argue?

        I trace this back to the Supreme Court decision regarding Christian prayer in schools in the 1960’s which was bankrolled and auctioned by Jewish atheists, more than one Jewish temple, with BOTH in alliance with Unitarians.
        It may be uncomfortable, but it is true.

        • Alain

          I well understand your frustration as I share it. It has to do with Jewish law that anyone born of a Jewish mother is a Jew no matter what. First problem is that the Jewishness of the mother is not taken into consideration, and the same applies to her offspring. There was a time when such people were “excommunicated” rejected from the House of Israel, but it doesn’t happen any more. The worst in my opinion is the damage they do to what I call real Jews.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Nope, all Jews, some practicing, some atheist.

            I understand your point, but that specific instance was a religious war against Christanity done in the name of Judiasm.

          • Alain

            Sorry to hear that. I have never met any religious Jews who were bent out of shape over things Christian. They pretty much did their own thing without seeking to impose their ways and beliefs on others. The ones I call leftists were a different ball game and seemed to carry a huge chip on their shoulders. I must also admit that I am much less familiar with the American Jewish scene.

  • moraywatson

    “Radical” islam is not on the rise. It is purified islam that is rising.

    • Alain

      Indeed, there is NO radical Islam, there is only Islam.