Sweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?

Part I of a Series: The Islamization of Sweden

In Sweden’s last census in which citizens were asked about their religious beliefs, in 1930, fifteen people said that they were Muslims. Since 1975, when Sweden started its transformation from a homogenous, Swedish country into a multicultural and multi-religious one, the number of Muslims has exploded. Now, approximately one million Muslims live here — Sunni, Shia and Ahmadiyya from all the corners of the world — and Mosques are built and planned all over the country.

No one, however, seems to have asked the crucial question upon which Sweden’s future depends: Is Islam compatible with democracy?

Slightly off topic…

I was looking for a pic for this post and stumbled across this Eco-Friendly “Swedish wooden toy”. He’s called Gary The Gorilla.


This is an Eco-Friendly “Swedish wooden toy”. He’s called Gary The Gorilla. Doesn’t this look like a weaponized blunt object attached to a rope? What kid wouldn’t be swinging this at their siblings or classmates?

  • Alain

    Why even ask the question when the Muslims themselves have been honest from the start in proclaiming that democracy is incompatible with Islam? If people cannot take them at their word, then their actions confirming their word is more than plenty of evidence.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The Swedish establishment can’t handle the truth.

      • WalterBannon

        The Swedish establishment will be swept aside soon in the coming Muslim genocide against all Europeans.

      • Alain

        I agree but neither can our own here. Other than Trump who is the exception, it seems to be the same in the US.

    • Dana Garcia

      True indeed that Muslims reject democracy and have not been subtle about it.


    • Liberals are idiots that way.

      • WalterBannon

        “Liberals” are idiots in EVERY way.

  • WalterBannon

    Islam is not even Compatible With human life.

  • If one can show me a functioning Islamic state with free and open elections and rights for all, I would like to see it.

    And, yes, that gorilla toy could hurt a kid if used wrongly.

  • Remember that thing from a while ago about a Swiss canton insisting that Syrian pupils have to shake their teacher’s hand even though she’s a filthy woman? Here’s a comment explaining that infidels are transgressors on the Earth and therefore their laws have no legitimacy even in their own countries.

    Saeed Ian • a day ago

    The best inherit the earth and so is Islam it’s the best it inherits the earth the rest what can I say than say they ain’t any better than trespassers and intruders and so their laws too they come like outlaws to say the least.


    I’m going to say, no, Islam is not compatible with democracy. (You’ve left this question a bit late, haven’t you, Sweden?)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Who says Sweden is concerned with democracy. Maybe it’s a simple matter of following whichever fascist is popular now.

  • On “Gary the Gorilla” the Swedish wooden eco-toy.

    This is the kind of thing any dad in the country used to be able to make for his kid. Every dad knew how to do basic carpentry and use both hand and power tools and could make this kind of toy for his kid fiddling around in the workshop with scrap wood.

    Dimensions: 20cm x 15cm
    Gary the Gorilla £75.00

    I guess dads today find it too complicated so they shell out $100:

  • Maggat

    “Sweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?”
    Foolish question, I think we all know the answer. Don’t we?