Peter Thiel’s mission to destroy Gawker isn’t ‘philanthropy’. It’s a chilling taste of things to come

What will the death of Citizen Thiel look like? I picture the tech billionaire lying in seclusion, still beyond the reach of the politicians and military chiefs who had long effectively functioned as his junior personnel, perhaps on one of the post-law, floating sea-steading platforms he’s been dreaming of building. Let’s call this one Xanadu. I don’t know if he’s actually dying as we used to understand the term – maybe he’s just uploading into the cloud.

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SAN FRANCISCO — After the news that one of Silicon Valley’s stars secretly funded a lawsuit to bring down a gossip site, the overwhelming response in the tech community has been: More power to him.

Peter Thiel — Facebook investor, PayPal co-founder and a billionaire with a highly developed instinct for revenge — is being hailed by the Valley’s elite for his stealthy actions against Gawker Media, whose Valleywag gossip blog outed him as gay and irritated other important tech people during its brief existence. The suit, brought by the professional wrestler Hulk Hogan over a sex tape, resulted in a $140 million verdict against Gawker.

With its response, the tech community’s message is clear: Treat us the way we want to be treated or we might retaliate.

  • ntt1

    What then of hildebeast and the bilderbergers? what then of george soros and his funding of leftwing terrorism?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    And my reaction is GOOD?
    It’s about time?
    Hey NYTs, help me out here!

    I’m no fan of Mark Zuckerberg telling the L.A. Times what stories to run, but how could that be any worse than the cultural Marxists that work there telling them what stories to run.
    How could that be any worse than Carlos Slim telling the NYTs what stories they can run and what opinions they should espouse?

    I hope they all kill each other.

  • simus1

    NYT is offended?
    That is good news.
    More please.

  • Brenda

    I’m not sure this is as bad as it sounds. What exactly was Gawker’s point in outing Thiel? He was not exactly a household name. Are we sure there wasn’t a blackmail attempt preceding this outing? And the outing of a married Conde Nast executive? Conde Nast is a rival media company to Gawker. Or even Hulk Hogan? Maybe another shakedown attempt? Most of these people aren’t really news. What’s the point of publicizing the sex lives of has beens or never weres? I don’t doubt for a minute that Nick Denton would stifle a piece of important news if his interests were served by so doing.

    • We may not like the messenger or the message but that is no reason to approve of Thiel and others like Elton John the sex pervert who has threatened legal action against anyone who mentions he and his hubby took part in Mazzola Parties.

      • ntt1

        It is once again shaping up that the self selected elite are yet again placing their decadence above judgement, Bring on the gulags … socialism is communism this is the beginning,.

      • Brenda

        After reading Denton’s open letter to Thiel ( I hope this fight destroys them both.

      • John

        Comparing Thiel to Elton John is akin to drawing an equivalence between Paul Newman and Harry Reems.

        There’s a wide range in ‘Gay’ just as their is a wide range in *Thespian*

    • John

      Thiel was already out. Gawker’s outing didn’t harm Thiel, but it harmed a lot of people in Thiel’s entourage, including people Gawker claimed were gay, but who weren’t. Gawker behaved exactly like those crappy ‘pink warriors’ who obtain cheap publicity by outing people who wish to keep their sexual orientation to themselves.

      Compared to Gawker, the journalistic ethics and practices of…say…The National Enquirer are almost stellar.

      Gawker has been spreading lies about people and so has incurred their wrath.

      People who make their living by destroying lives deserve to be put out of business.

  • Mark

    I don’t give a damn about Gawker’s ‘free speech’. They would shut this blog and thousands like it down if they could because they hate what this blog believes. It is time the Right stopped playing by a different set of rules than the left. The left will shut down, harrass and attack anyone on the right they consider a threat to their end goals. Time the Right adopted their tactics and used them against them. Gawker is simply a bully who is now being bullied. Screw them.

    • John

      Yep, exactly.