Merkel Tries to ‘Seduce’ Not Only Turkey, But Also Saudi Arabia

Angela Merkel has been criticized for her country’s ‘submissive’ attitude toward Turkey, but there is an even less democratic country, which Berlin is trying to ‘seduce’, namely Saudi Arabia, German newspaper Die Welt wrote.

  • Merkel’s days in office are numbered.

  • David

    Using the name merkel and the word seduce in the same sentence would seem to be a stretch of such epic proportions as to be unthinkable.

    • V10_Rob

      Indeed. On behalf of all BCF readers, I implore you file that combination of words away, next to the Lena Dunham photos.

  • bob e

    the longer she holds office the more destruction happens ..
    who is this person who has singlehandedly ruined a mega
    power like germany ??

  • SMC_BC

    I wonder if there have been assassination attempts on her.

  • Clausewitz

    What a silly bunt.