Iran students flogged with 99 lashes for ‘dancing and jubilating’ at mixed party

At least 30 Iranian students have been flogged with 99 lashes each after being caught “dancing and jubilating” at a party attended by both men and women.

Mixed dancing and alcohol are illegal in Iran where females are obliged to wear Islamic dress. The women at the party were described as “half-naked”, meaning they were not clad in the legally-required attire of “rusaris”, or veils, and long overcoats.

  • simus1

    iranian shia islamist degenerates are a strict bunch.

  • felis gracilis

    I wonder if they were dancing to this big hit when they were caught:

  • Gary

    Don’t bother telling Susan G Cole about this because she has been silent on iran, Hamas , saudi Arabia and most islamic hell holes that murder gays and flog women .
    Justin and Susan are feminists don’t you know and they champion gay rights.