Conservative party to go Gay and Muslim

Accept same-sex marriage, Kenney says

…MP Erin O’Toole said the debates here, including a brutally frank assessment of what went wrong in the past campaign, were a healthy venting.

“We’ve had some difficult discussions, we’ve had some frustrations with the campaign but that’s how we become stronger as a party. So I don’t anticipate anyone leaving the party . . . I think that our modernization on certain issues is a reflection of Canada’s changing values and views.”

But O’Toole did suggest he was “concerned” by the message that was delivered by a Muslim woman here. Uruzurum Heer, a 47-year-old woman from Brampton, stood during an election review session and condemned the identity politics that the party practiced in the last campaign.

“If people have that concern I’m concerned by that myself.

We are a big tent big whore.”

No point hoping for a conservative government given we lack a conservative party.