Brian Williams: U.S. Is ‘The Only Nation to Have Used’ Nuclear Weapons ‘In Anger’

MSNBC breaking news host and ex-NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams was allowed out on MSNBC’s airwaves early Friday afternoon to discuss President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima so he could resurrect a taped report that aired in 2005 on the 60th anniversary of the nuclear bomb’s dropping on the Japanese city.

In the course of discussing the event afterward, though, Williams threw some shade in the direction of the U.S. military and then-President Harry Truman by complaining that “we’re the only nation to have used them in anger” against the horrifying Axis Powers member.

  • Tom Forsythe

    He knows, because he was there, bravely reporting the war in the Pacific Theater, coming under heavy fire, and risking his life to bring Americans the story!

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  • barryjr

    Retard reminds me of Captain Obvious, just worse dressed.

  • So a calculated decision was an angry one?


    • Clausewitz

      The 2 A Bombs in reality saved millions. Imagine the blood bath on both sides if the allies had to directly attack the Japanese Homeland.

      • Exactly.

        Read “The Bells of Nagasaki” by Doctor Takeshi Nagai for a Nagasaki resident’s insight of August 9th.

    • tom_billesley

      The hair shirt is all his.

      • Imaginary hair shirt. This is Brain Williams we’re talking about.

  • Clinton

    It just goes to show how decadent our so-called “journalists” of the
    MSM have become, that Brian Williams, the news anchor caught in
    multiple self-aggrandizing lies, still has a career as a “reporter” and
    is taken seriously. If he and MSNBC had any shame at all, he’d be
    retired. What a flaming douche.

  • tom_billesley

    A single B-29 fire-bombing raid on Tokyo, Operation Meetinghouse March 9th 1945, killed more people than either of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.
    The usefulness of the atom bombs was in “shock and awe”. Japan could have been subject to far more death and destruction by conventional means of waging war than by the two atom bombs, without causing it to surrender.

  • Ron MacDonald

    It should have used it again after 9/11.

  • canminuteman

    The outstanding author, George MacDonald Fraser, wrote a book shortly before he died of his experiences as a young man fighting the Japanese In Burma. He writes at length about the morality of the Bomb and arguments he has had with people who were against its use. His number one question is “would you have been prepared to give up your life to stop the bomb being used?” and he states that he would have been prepared to nuke Japan many times over it it would spare even one of his comrades.

    It is an outstanding book entitled “Quartered Safe Out Here”. If you are a GMF fan and haven’t read this book (or even if you have never heard of him) I highly recommend this book.

  • canminuteman

    You can’t use the argument that to bomb cities when you are in a state of total war is unjustified because they are civilian targets.

    The old men and women in the city who work in armament factories and supported the government that took the country to war are less innocent victims than the young men who are drafted to serve under pain of death if they refuse. You could even argue that they are a more legitimate target.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Lyin’ Brian Williams is at it again.