A World Without Nuclear Weapons — Ours

It wasn’t quite an apology at Hiroshima, though some might argue that President Obama’s mere presence at the site of the world’s first use of nuclear weapons was itself an apology. What it was a reiteration of President Obama’s mantra that our weapons are the threat, whether guns or nukes, and not the criminals and tyrants that would use them against us. As the New York Times reported his remarks…

  • Bataviawillem

    Google photo’s of Hiroshima and Detroit and you think Japan won the war.

  • simus1

    Emperor Barry’s profound shallowness and evil intentions must hearten every misfit on the planet that somehow, someday, they too will be triumphant and “in charge”.

    • He is a role model that way.

      • Ask the survivors of the Rape of Nanking if they feel using a nuke on Japan was justified.

        • simus1

          Japan ruled China by committing massive atrocities at the slightest inkling of any resistance to their rule in the vast territory they occupied until the war’s end.

  • Jim Horne
    • Clausewitz

      Bill Whittle needs to run for office. His country needs him.

  • ntt1

    I grew up in a British expat Ghetto , too many traumatized matrons survivors of the death march too many prisoners with broken health. the japanese should just be very quiet

  • bob e

    my doctor is a filipino who watched his father dig a hole , then a jap
    officer chop his father up with his sword then kick the pieces
    in the hole ..

  • Gary

    When Obama started his apology speech I thought he was talking about Pearl Harbour and 9/11/01 .

    The death from the sky and murdering for your religion sounded just like islam and the Shinto’s .
    So is Obama going to expect Japan to send its Leader to pearl harbour in December??? After all, if they had won Obama would be a house negro in Hawaii or harvesting pineapples and sugar cane .

    • Will Quest

      Obama’s hug of Hiroshima survivor was……. ACKWARD . Obama’s lame attempt at a man hug needed the expertise of our Uber-Feminist, JUST-IN, he hugs like a womyn. JUST-IN’s hugs now those are hugs , here-a-hug , there-a-hug , everywhere a hug-hug ……JUST-IN hugs like he means it and wants to leave a lasting impression , one requiring the hugee to have their clothes repressed.


      • Clausewitz

        I hope the Japanese gentleman checked to make sure his wallet was still in his pocket after that hug.

  • Clinton

    Obama has no room to criticize Truman’s decision to use the bomb,
    when he’s done everything in his power to see to it that Iran’s nuclear
    program is successful. When–WHEN– Iran uses the nukes it so desires,
    it’s going to make Hiroshima look like a Sunday picnic, and all those
    deaths will, in a large part, be due to the weakness and treachery of
    Obama. Who’s going to apologize for Obama?

  • tom_billesley

    I’m surprised Obama didn’t manage to make a side trip to the Yasukuni Shrine to pay homage to Hideki Tojo and the other Japanese war criminalsheroes.