When TVO says “I’m Right and You’re an Idiot,” they really mean, “I’m Left and You’re an Idiot”

An interesting discussion recently took place between TVO’s Steve Paikin and PR consultant James Hoggan, the author of “I’m Right and You’re an Idiot,” about the toxic state of public discourse.

The problem with the interview on Ontario’s public educational broadcaster is that essentially, these two people are engaging in the practice they’re condemning.

  • Clausewitz

    They don’t even try to appear to be unbiased any more. Government run TV in the age of Wynne. What could possibly go wrong.

  • Watched PBS for the first time in a while last night. Of course it’s not U.S. tax-payer funded (I presume) so they can be as biased as they want. Nevertheless to see the entire panel made up of Trump bashers — a sad state of affairs for journalism.

    As far as TVO, Paikin used to be one of the best in Canada — although always tilted to the Left he had a healthy representation of conservatives on his panels. Although often it was 4 or 5 Left-wing loons against one informed conservative, there was at least always one informed conservative!

    That’s changed since the ascension of the Kathleen Wynne regime (who controls the taxpayer funds). I’ve noticed more and more panels and guests exclusively on the Left, and more and more issues concerning exclusively Left and SJW positions. Very sad to see an otherwise excellent journalist and interviewer like Paikin cave to the pressure. I used to be a fan, now TVO is pretty much unwatchable in terms of objectivity and fact-based argument.

    • Alain

      Nothing new there about PBS, as it has always been far-left. When I used to watch television, the only thing I watched on PBS was their mystery movies. The rest was pure leftist BS.

      • I know one their shows used to have people like Charles Krauthammer and other conservatives as regulars on the panel, but I can’t remember which one.

      • Justin St.Denis

        “When I used to watch television…”

        And that is why the MSM is doomed over the long term. If a broadcast network broadcasts but nobody watches, will little babies die by the millions?

      • Richard K

        Once upon a time, they used to broadcast William F. Buckey’s show, Firing Line.

  • Ed

    TVO has a viewership so small it doesn’t matter

  • mauser 98

    Suckerberg hired a bunch of millennials to post FakeBook news .. bias ingrained in them.. no conspiracy meeting needed

  • kkruger71

    That has to be one of the least self-aware interviews I’ve ever watched. Had to laugh at 18 minutes into a 20 minute interview, he spent all of 10-15 seconds mentioning there are some on the left too. How in the world can someone on the left honestly think that their side is the one prepared to have a rational discussion when any time you disagree with any of their core ideas you are met with instant cries of “racist, sexist, homophobe, islamaphobe”? Hell, they even did it in the interview, dismissing not just Trumps style, but being completely dismissive of any of the points he is raising.

  • Gary

    How about the CBC that claims to hold a balanced debate on same gender marriage but they bring on 4 god-haters of which 2 are homosexuals being from 2% of the population while the 5th guest is a Christian minister to beat-up as a homophobic bigot .

    So 2% of the population get 40% of the debate while 80%+ of the population that is christian get 20% of the debate .
    Keep in mind though the CBC NEVER brings in an Imam to cite the quran about homosexual and gay marriage during this type of debate …..the CBC does drag in Imam’s when the topic is racism and hate-crimes as if Muslims are a Race for people.

    The CBC remind me of the joke about the Elephant/rabbit soup where the customer can’t taste the rabbit in it as he did when in Africa or India. The cook comes out to assure them man he used 1/2 an Elephant and 1/2 a Rabbit so there shouldn’t be an issue for the taste .
    The CBE debates are 50/50 but it’s the rhino and mouse on stage .