What Post-Communism Hath Wrought

Shortly after the collapse of Communism, the Nobel-winning novelist Doris Lessing took to the pages of the New York Times to warn that “while we have seen the apparent death of Communism, ways of thinking that were either born under Communism or strengthened by Communism still govern our lives.” She had been a Communist in her youth, and from that experience she learned how the ideology “debased language and, with language, thought.” Lessing was more prescient than she knew. Even as Communist political correctness was thrown back on its heels for a time in the former Soviet empire, it was defying gravity in Europe and America. Indeed, in the United States, our constitutional republic based on limited government had already begun to give way to an expansive bureaucratic liberal regime built on court-constructed interest-group “rights.”

  • When North Korea collapses, the cost of supporting it will destroy South Korea.

    How, again, has communism been a boon to the world?

    • In no way imaginable.

      • I suppose people think North Koreans like being starved to death.

        If I may share in third hand an anecdote: a fellow I met in South Korea volunteered to teach North Koreans English. One exercise was favourite foods. One North Korean said that his favourite food was beef. When asked why, the fellow replied that he had not eaten meat prior to fleeing to South Korea.

  • Shebel

    I am so sick and tired of listening to Politicians —–
    That pretend to give a Damn.

  • Gary

    Just last week the Leftist communists on Council at Toronto City Hall hinted that they may have to Dictate where people can live in order to address the Social Injustice and Income disparity for the poor.

    Toronto’s Communists want to redefine the Building Code for residential dwelling that are Multi-Unit Buildings where a percentage must be low income which means Welfare cases or ODSP people with mental heath issues.
    These weasels have pi$$ed away millions over the years on useless projects just to buy votes as they ignored the true issues and blamed their short coming on the Federal Government to bail them out.
    John Tory is no different as he rushed in to welcome the 25,000 muslim migrants from Syria which were promoted as Doctor’s and Engineers that would be self-reliant and be a taxpayer. But now we find out that the majority have few language skills in French or English while many are unemployable with PTSD mental illness .
    All of the unproductive ones will be kicked off the Federal welfare support after 12 months where it now becomes the burden of the Municipality where they parachuted in …..ergo..Toronto’s property tax bills where not 1 home owner was asked if they wanted to fund about 10,000 of the 25,000 “refugees” that John Tory welcomed in .

    Basically , Ontario wants to dictate what cars you can buy plus they will make the Euthanasia the Law one day because of the bankrupt Heath care system and massive Debt that will be $1 trillion since the Liberal party spending won’t stop .

    If you ever wanted to live in Detroit , just stay here because Detroit is coming to Toronto .

  • Alain

    It is fruitless to try convincing communists in the West, who hide behind the label of socialist or progressive and who have never had to live under the brut force of communism, that communism or socialism (which is communism for cowards) does not work. They won’t even admit to the fact that there have been billions of victims of this vile ideology. Those who experienced first hand life under communism know very well what it is and can easily see how it has infected the West. This did not happen overnight and it has been a gradual process which continues at an increasing speed. This is because the majority of citizens in Western countries have been so indoctrinated that they do not or refuse to recognise the danger.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Until I noticed the hammer and sickle on the t-shirt, I thought the picture was of the Iraqi Kurdish commander.