‘Too sick to work migrant’ now wants to bring 12 MORE children and 2 MORE wives to Europe

A SYRIAN migrant who arrived in Europe with his wife and EIGHT children has now been given approval to bring over 12 more kids and another TWO wives.

Politicians in Denmark have condemned the asylum seeker policy which will allow Daham Al Hasan to rake in thousands in benefits once his huge family is reunited.

The 47-year-old fled war-torn Syria two years ago with a wife and eight children before arriving in Denmark.

The unemployed migrant, who claims to be too sick to work, has now been granted family reunification for his remaining 12 children and two wives who are still in Syria.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Key Danes in power have a death wish. If there isn’t a public uprising, we know that Denmark is finished.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Family reunification laws will swell the ‘migrant’ horde to over 10 million in the next 2 years.