The Mexico Way

Why does Donald Trump dumb down his speeches?

For a clue, consider how badly the elite media continues to miss the point of the most notorious thing he ever said, this infinitely denounced passage in his June 16, 2015, speech announcing his candidacy…

  • Waffle

    Welcome to Tijuana,
    Tequila, sex or marijuana . . .

    • FivePointSpurgeon

      Bart and Krusty in Tijuana.

    • Sort of a reggae merengue narco-corrido mix. Only the latter “genre” was born in Mexico, the former two are from the Caribbean islands. “Narco-corrido” is a recent phenomenon definitely not a traditional Mexican corrido.

  • jack burns

    Every comment on Mexicans is supposed to stress that the vast majority are hard working, law abiding folks. Not my experience. The majority maybe but its not a blow out.