Switzerland’s super rich Oberwil-Lieli village where millionaires voted to reject asylum seekers & pay a £200,000 fine instead

One of Europe’s wealthiest villages is refusing to accept any asylum seekers – and has instead voted to pay a fine of £200,000.

Fears women and children could be at risk from sex attacks as well as the disruption to their peaceful way of life has led the super-rich of Switzerland’s alpine resort of Oberwil-Lieli to vote ‘no’ in a referendum to accept just ten migrants.

The picturesque village, where 300 millionaires make up 2,200 population, they all used their financial muscle to reject a Government imposed quota.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Swiss live by the Golden Rule. Those with the gold make the rules.

  • Brett_McS

    The 200k would suffice to send the 10 to some more appropriate country.

    • Frances

      Like back to Syria – along with a whole batch more.

  • canminuteman

    I would be cheering about this but I would bet money that the people in this town are all vile socialsists who are quite willing to foist the refugees on other people,

  • Alain

    “Imposed quota” by whom exactly? Switzerland is not a member of the EU. Refuse the bogus refugees and refuse to pay any bogus fine. That should be the case.

  • Gary

    Toronto isn’t much different because Bob Rae and David Miller made sure that the homeless shelters or drug needle exchanges don’t go on their streets or near their High Park area homes .
    But Wynne just learned a lesson about how unsafe her Wealthy White neighbourhood is because Liberals were so quick to demonize Cops as racists over the last 20 years that the BLM supremacy thugs just walked into her area and set-up shop by her house to protest the Police as racists.

    Yes folks , the wealthy Liberals that called other racists are now calling the Police too to get these malcontent sloths on welfare off their lawn because they see the threats now and what 40 years of insane Immigration has done .
    STATS-CAN gave out a tid bit of information one year where i hear them report that a Census showed how only 10% of the Blacks in Canada that responded were living in Canada prior to 1970.
    That’s right , the current blacks that whine and riot and bitch about being stuck on welfare and are victims of 400 years a slavery may not even have a North American history other than their unwed grand mother getting knocked up once in Canada back in the 1980’s to create the intergeneration Welfare in the same Government housing unit .

  • tom_billesley

    £20,000 each could prove value for money, but only if it’s paid to traffickers to take them back to crapistan.