Sharia courts in UK face Government inquiry over treatment of women

The Government is to launch an investigation into whether sharia courts operating in the UK discriminate against women – legitimising forced marriages and issuing unfair divorce settlements.

The Home Office said it would examine claims that sharia courts – or councils – may be working in a “discriminatory and unacceptable way”, seeking to legitimise forced marriage and issuing divorces that are unfair to women, contrary to the teachings of Islam. However, it will also seek out examples of best practice among sharia councils.

What a nightmare, this insanity should been nipped in the bud.

Never trust politicians or multiculturalists. They will do great harm.

  • Martin B

    Best practice among sharia councils? Does that mean they’ll give out gold stars for the best advice on wife-beating techniques and clitorectomies?

    • vimy

      “…it will also seek out examples of best practice among sharia councils.” But that would be exactly what is wrong with them.

  • tom_billesley

    Home Secretary Theresa May claims Britain “benefits a great deal” from Sharia.
    As with the official attitude to Islam itself, the attitude to Sharia is that any bad coming from it must be because of misinterpretation and distortion.
    What other explanation could there be?

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    “Nipped in the bud.” — How shockingly politically incorrect! Multivulturalism will be triumphant. *sigh*

  • Alain

    That there are even sharia courts in any non Muslim country should cause people to understand they have a very serious problem. The root cause of the problem is their government that has betrayed its people; first by importing hordes of hostile people following a supremacist, militant and totalitarian ideology and secondly by granting some kind of preferential treatment to the same invaders while oppressing their own people.

  • Maggat

    No need to have a bloody ‘investigation’ of sharia councils, just shut them down, close and lock the doors.

  • canminuteman

    How the hell did they think sharia courts were going to operate when they allowed them? The is a hint in the name. These guys are seriously retarded.