PM Useful Idiot to Cut Short Pro-Israel Ambassador’s Tenure

Canada’s pro-Israel ambassador to the Jewish state is reportedly having her tenure cut short by new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is shuffling appointments of his predecessor, PM Stephen Harper.

In a veiled confirmation, Vivian Bercovici told The Algemeiner on Thursday that she “serves at the pleasure” of her country’s prime minister, and will “continue to fulfill [her] official duties,” as long as they are requested.

And the “Officials” say…

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  • Waffle

    I just had to take a peek at what the CJN had to say:

    “Bercovici “was very outspoken in her views,” Fogel allowed. “Some people may have taken note of that.”

    A Toronto corporate lawyer and part-time columnist for the Toronto Star, Bercovici was appointed Canada’s envoy to Israel in January 2014 by the former Conservative government. In her columns, she had voiced strong support for Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and had harsh words for Arab leadership and the United Nations.”

    Well, that sums it up in a nutshell. One Harper-Hater has kicked off the Comment Board approving of the change.

    • Figures.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Trudeau diminishes us.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Every second of every hour of every day.

    • Clausewitz

      Yeah God forbid an envoy to Israel be pro Israeli.

  • ontario john

    I hear that Trudeau is going to replace her with Harooooooon from the Star.

  • Remember – Canada is no longer Israel’s special friend.

    Trulander is a Jew-hater just like his father.

    The Bronfmans funded Trudeau’s campaign.

    Carry on.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I suspect Canada will bar or severely hamper entry of Israelis into in Canada soon.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Take comfort. Canadians are very supple, even supine. Within three months of Donald Trump’s election as POTUS, Shiny Pony and co. will be scrambling for decent press coverage. Canadians will want to kick the Pony’s ass all the way to Timbuktu LONG BEFORE his first mandate has run its course. Not that Canadians will awaken politically, you understand. Far from it. Canadian ENVY at the new vibrancy emerging south of the border will awaken like the green-eyed monster it is. And Canadians will again fall into line and attempt to ape the USA and its success. Let us pray Canadians remain true to form………

    • Clausewitz

      Never underestimate the abilities of smug little leftists in Canada to continue to act like the festering boils that they truly are.