My Day At A Donald Trump Rally


I saw Donald Trump today at 2:00 PM (PDST) and had a jolly good time.

Unfortunately I left before the rioting got underway in earnest so I can only talk about how things were like today inside the San Diego Convention Center and during Trump’s speech.

The speech was unremarkable but he did manage to stretch it out to about an hour and a half. Now I’m a huge Trump fan, but most of his speeches could be condensed down quite a bit, and the exact content of what he said isn’t all that important anyway, because everyone is going for the general experience of being at a Trump rally. Nobody goes to “Burning Man” to see the burning man at the end, but for the entire experience. That’s the same thing for Trump rallies, with the rioting by professional leftists, or even Trump himself, just a small part of the bigger show.

So, what’s it like inside a Trump rally?

It’s like being with 10,000-25,000 other people that exactly share your values, for the most part, with whatever Trump is saying at that exact moment being almost secondary because unless you are in the first few dozen or so rows, you really are not seeing much of Trump anyway, and everyone is fine with that and we mostly talked among ourselves. It seemed like a great place to make like-minded friends.

Lots of Trump hats (I got a nice red “Make America Great Again” hat for $25.00) and Tee-shirts there, but the surprising thing was the YUUGE number of homemade Trump (or at least certainly not authorized by the campaign in any universe that we inhabit) apparel where people really let their creative juices flow. I really wished I had brought my camera, but I left the house so late today, that I was 99% sure that I wouldn’t even make it inside the event. Many of the shirts seem to have been made in anticipation of confronting anti-Trump protesters that were not really there yet in great numbers as we were getting in or out. The general theme was “Trump is god” and/or some flavor of “F*ck You Mexicans”.

Yes, there was much love in the room!