MercatorNet muzzled by Big Gay

Via Britain’s ongoing disgrace of Big Libel laws. From :

In another development at MercatorNet, we have been forced to take down two stories on our Conjugality blog. They had mentioned PAS and YMA (to use the English court’s pseudonyms), who are prominent figures in the entertainment world and the world’s most famous gay married couple. They have two young children and very deep pockets.

PAS has successfully applied for an injunction in England and Wales banning publication of some incidents in his personal life. Because the legal arguments are very relevant to the reality of same-sex marriage, MercatorNet published two articles on the topic, without the sordid details.

We were discreet, but that made no difference. Lawyers working for PAS kept sending us threatening emails. Eventually we had to comply because our mirror site in the Unites States would have been shut down. We could not afford that.

To me, this is an object lesson in how determined supporters of gay marriage can be to smother criticism. Furthermore, while websites around the world are being muzzled, the couple’s PR machine is promoting sycophantic articles in the English press about them. North Korean despot Kim Jong Un would blush to read such oleaginous drivel. The public interest is not being served by censoring free speech about PAS and YMA and distorting public perceptions of gay marriage. More.

Reality check: MercatorNet is still trying to be nice in the world of Big Gay and Big Euthanasia

Action item: Avoid reading or contributing to legacy media outlets. In their death struggles, they will do their best to obscure correct information in order to suck up to power sources who might save them. Ignorance is not bliss, but it will be the normal outcome of paying attention to them.

See also: Lawmakers want accounting of Facebook censorship Actually what is needed, is citizen-organized and citizen-driven media. The internet does not make us free, it only creates the possibility. Maybe most people won’t want that. But those of us who do must make it happen for ourselves.