Just What Africa Needs!


African Liberation

  • Frances

    It may be “African liberation day”, but not for a lot of African women. Heard a talk by a couple who had visited South Africa under church auspices, and was rather chilled when the wife mentioned travelling with a local health worker who – when she found a teen-aged girl while visiting various homes – gave the girl instructions as to what to do WHEN raped.

    Am so very glad did not have to give THAT particular homily to female relatives.

  • Reader

    The website is for the “All-African People’s Revolutionary Party” supposedly in West Africa but it is registered to:
    WHOIS Search Results for Domain Name: AAPRP-INTL.ORG
    Updated Date: 2016-02-21T07:19:00Z

    Creation Date: 2009-02-21T07:18:51Z

    Registrant Name: James Sims

    Registrant Organization: Wan-Afrika Productions

    Registrant Street: 134 W 83RD ST

    Registrant City: Chicago

    Registrant State/Province: Illinois

    Registrant Postal Code: 60620

    Registrant Country:
    Registrant Phone: +1.3122037896

    Registrant Email: blakstar3@yahoo.com

    Looking up James Sims in Chicago, these are some but not necessarily the same James Sims”

    The second line of the website title is:
    “Pan-Africanism: The Total Liberation and Unification of Africa Under Scientific Socialism”.

    What “Scientific Socialism” is supposed to be who knows, but I am sure it wouldn’t stand up to the tests of the scientific method.

    I am sure Pan-Africanism will work out just like Egypt’s late Abdul Nasser’s vision for a Pan-Arabian union lead by himself. With the Tutsis and Hutus and everybody other tribes that despising each other to the death joining hands and singing Kumbaya!

  • Good luck with that, leftists.

  • mauser 98

    more western white guilt aid $$ needed

  • Shebel

    I am so sorry for my part in restricting the Africans from

  • Alain

    Until and unless Africans have all been liberated from Islam, there is no such thing as “African Liberation Day”.

    • Shebel

      That is another good point——-
      Islam—- The religion of Hate.
      It does have a certain allure
      If you feel like killing people.

  • Shebel

    I am so sick and tired for being blamed —–FOR EVERYTHING—– because I am
    You know , maybe you stop using ME as an excuse for everything.

  • Shebel

    I have 4 children . I am proud of All of them.
    I am their Daddy,.
    It could never be any other way.

    Maybe it is Time for you Africans– to come clean—
    And tell us how you can have all these kids—
    and NOT give a Damn.

    • Ford Prefect

      The problem is they do not give a damn. I lived in West Africa for 1.5 years and eventually you come to realize they don’t care about advancing.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Do those “dynamic cultural performances” include African topless dancing? (Norman! You’ve been reading National Geographic too much!)

  • Gary

    Gee ,what are the odds that two of these events take place Jane & Finch that doesn’t have even 12 white person oppressing them in that area and then the African Muslim dominated Regent Parkistan .
    Amazing , 2 welfare ghettos filled with most unwed mothers pumping out babies from several men and yet they think they can create a utopia in Africa even after Liberia turned into a 3rd world hell hole run by Afro Americans.

    The BLM terrorist are linked to the islamofascist terrorist and now Canada is like the USA in the 1950’s when the Muslim Brotherhood came in to destroy the USA from within by exploiting the low IQ blacks stuck in poverty to tell them that it;’s all the fault of the White Christians .

    The only good news for us is that Justin , Wynne, Barbara Hall , Libby Davies , Susan g Cole , Judy Rebbick and several other treasonous anti-west weasels will be the first one’s hanged or beheaded in public.
    I just hope I’m alive to see the video of Hall’s head rolling along and being kicked around like a soccer ball by the islamists she abetted .

    Hall has a community Park named after her and yet she approved that jew-hating homophobic misogynistic anti-West Mosque in the Valley Park Public school just to help McGuinty win the MPP seat in that muslim ghetto. Boy are the gays in for a big surprise when Hall’s islamist buddies she help spread sharia law are tossing them from roof tops or hanging them in public like iran did to 4000+ gays .
    Who would have thought that Hall was a closet homophobe ready to toss queers to islamists just keep her job at the Human Rights commission under Dalton McLiar’s reign . Hall would have made good Nazi death camp commander or gestapo agent to turn in her friend to be tortured and killed just for a promotion.

    • Shebel

      The only good thing about Islam—- is that they can attack the fags with impunity.

  • Americadies

    It is obvious we do not need more blacks in any of our cities.