ISIS Terrorist Arrested In US City…What Cops Find Is CHILLING!

Did America just narrowly avoid another San Bernardino style attack, this time in Arlington, Texas?

Normally there is nothing unusual about a Texan having firearms in their vehicle.

However, what this man said yesterday after being arrested has left many shaken — because it could mean there are others like him, still on the loose.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In other words, business as usual for Obama.

  • Gary

    Lucky for Obama that he was over in Japan to apologize for the USA winning WW2 and to lay a wreath for pay respect for the japanese soldiers killed by Americans and the two Atomic bombs after japan’s 14 year slaughter plus the pearl Harbour attack in 1941.

    Could he be that stupid to not know that his Hawaii could have taken over by Japan and he’d be slaving in the sugar canes fields or harvesting pineapples with NO breaks to smoke pot.
    With just 49 States he wouldn’t have be able to become President as a Japanese subject that became the house negro to his owners.

    • Maria Oxendine

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    • Shebel

      In Obamas’ mind he is a Slave , has always been a slave and will always be a salve. Hr governs like one.

  • Shebel

    Strange—how the President of the USA still thinks of himself as a Victim.
    How do you even justify such logic?
    Fill the USA with migrants Obama
    Ones you are hurting are Black people.