Hillary Is a National Security Risk

To assess just how damaging a new State Department Inspector General’s report on Hillary Clinton’s email practices is to her political career, one need only take note of the fact that the former secretary of state has disappeared. When trouble arises, Clinton predictably scurries back into her bunker and allows the news cycle to sort itself out — presuming perhaps that the unfocused political media will tire of the story faster if she does not provide them with any new material to parse.

That is not an invalid operating theory for dealing with an ADD-afflicted press.

  • mauser 98

    Hill to dissolve border, full amnesty in first 100 days in office
    ..then it gets worse


  • When Bill got horny in the White House it wasn’t my main concern — the guy obviously had personal sexual or marital problems.

    My concern was that Bill exposed himself to potential blackmail / extortion as leader of the Free World. He became a National security risk — the sexual morality issue paled in comparison.

    It was actually my only criticism of Mayor Rob Ford as well — his personal substance abuse problem paled in comparison to the potential for blackmail / extortion as CEO of of one of the largest Municipal economies in the Western Hemisphere, complicated by the fact that the RCMP didn’t make the slightest effort to go after his blackmailers. They didn’t even consider the possibility that professional foreign agents could be involved — we’re talking about a $10 Billion economy, sweet prize for any foreign agent and clearly a potential threat to Canada’s National Security.

    In the case of Hillary, it’s the same thing, whether her e-mails or Benghazi — the issue is that she’s a security risk. Her personal moral issues pale in comparison to the potential threats to U.S. security. But at least the FBI went after Guccifer and extradited him. Meanwhile Hillary is still a National security risk.

    • Clausewitz



    Here’s a question Hillary should be asked: As president, would you run your e-mail system the same way you ran it as secretary of state? Watch her squirm her way out of that one!

  • Frances

    For the Clintons, the lack of security on their server wasn’t a bug, it was a feature.