French soldier fighting for life after being ‘stabbed by two Muslims over Syria’

A FRENCH soldier is fighting for his life in hospital after reportedly being stabbed by two men who yelled that the attack was in revenge for the bombing campaign against Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

  • Exile1981

    Well they certenly are a wonderful addition to the country – sarc

  • Gary

    Hey, the Toronto 18 muslim terrorists wanted to slaughter thousands via truck-Bombs because Chretien sent our Troops to Aghanistan where they were killing their muslim brothers in the Taliban.

    But the CBC and STAR along with Police Chief Blair refused to report that the mastermind for this plot was a Afghanistan refugee that we took in and now wants to kill us.
    No wonder Chief Blair became a Liberal to run for a MP seat under Justin reign. He too is complicit in the spreading of islam and sharia law .

  • xavier

    Was the soldier armed and body armour or was he in his everyday military dress?