Donald Trump spoils Bernie Sanders’ weekend: he won’t debate him after all

The whole Donald-Bernie mano-a-mano thing was daft from the start. Finally late on Friday, Donald Trump admitted it. There would be no debate between him and Mr Sanders in California. No West Coast wrestle, no battle on San Francisco Bay. Sorry Bernie.

He dropped his can of cold water at a carefully chosen moment, just as all of America was packing up its picnic bags for the long Memorial Day weekend and paying scant attention to anything else, not even to him. 

  • Brett_McS

    It would have been a short debate anyway:
    The Donald: Venezuela
    The Bern: I’m out of here.

    • Heh;)

      • Exile1981

        I was just searching the names of the writers that Stephen King had sign his anti trump letter.

        Randomly picked two and searched them. One is a writer of gay porn and the other wrote 1 book on how to become a writer.

        Just checked another one an she has a degree in Feminist literature and has 6 poems that have been published. Her husband is also one of the signatories.

        Going through this list is like finding a gold mine of radical leftist professors.

        • Shebel

          Has Stephen reserved a plot in the Pet Cemetery
          For Bernie ?

          • Exile1981

            SK is the only author i recognized on the list, and i’m pretty well read.

          • Clausewitz

            King was a good author till he was hit by that car and then went full loco nuts. Seems his head hit the pavement a little too hard.

          • Exile1981

            I always wondered if he suffered brain damage then. The writing changed, personality change are both signs of a brain injury … or serious drug abuse.

          • Clausewitz

            It was after the accident that he started writing solely from a female perspective. I think this explains a lot. Wonder what Billy would have to say about this.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Never mind Venezuela. Trump would have buried Bernie on the Middle East.

      • Reader

        But it would have been nice for Bernie to get the exposure in California to help him in that Democratic primary and to put Clinton’s support in doubt once the primaries are over and the real election campaigning begins.

    • jack burns

      Or maybe “climate change is our biggest problem”. Loads of good material.

  • JoKeR
  • jack burns

    Nothing to gain whatsoever for Trump. Sanders hasn’t even bothered to try and calm down his nasty little Occupy Sesame Street bunch so he deserves no consideration.

    • Clausewitz

      This sums up all of Bernie’s platforms in one statement.

      • jack burns

        …meaning a protracted period of non-working.

  • Ford Prefect

    The big loser here is Hillary. !. Trump used it to drive a wedge between Sanders and Hillary by saying the primary is rigged for Hillary to win so there is no use debating second. 2.It made Hillary look bad, 3. It threw the DNC and the Media off their game and now it is Memorial Weekend.