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In honor of Texas and the other states suing the feral, er, federal government

Robert-E-Lee-School-screenshot-640x480Robert E. Lee Elementary to Be Renamed over Public Objections

The name change was proposed in the wake of last year’s mass shooting incident in South Carolina, where Dylann Roof shot and killed nine members of a historic black church. Roof had posted a photo of himself online with a Confederate flag, prompting national discussion of the flag and places named after Confederate figures such as Lee.

obama dictatorObama Illegally Expands Federal Purview Over Education

President Obama is trying to create federal mandates for state education, contrary to legislation passed by Congress, because that’s how the man who wrote and passed the Dream Act in the West Wing rolls.

Because how can you make sure leftism in education is enforced when you leave it to the states? They might try to offer an education based on Western values and stuff.

salam-browser-homepage-940x480Salam Browser: Putting the world’s first ‘halal’ web browser to the test

The latest in a growing list of halal or sharia-compliant products and services, Salam Browser claims to adhere to “adab”, which loosely translates as Islamic etiquette. According to the website, this means web browsing with Salam will “help maintain purity of your heart and benefits your values”.

Another significant feature of the browser is that it helps users “avoid haram online”, claiming to have alerts on over 1.4 million webpages with content related to pornography, gambling, “offense to religion”, and other harmful content.

-microsoft-logo-wideMicrosoft May Ban Your Favorite Password

Weak and commonly-used passwords are one of the main reasons online accounts can be easily compromised, but Microsoft is taking a step to better protect users by banning the use of such passwords across its services.

To make sure that its users rely on unique, difficult to guess passwords, Microsoft says it is dynamically banning common passwords from Microsoft Account and Azure AD system. The company analyzes data breaches looking for the passwords that are used most often and prevents users from having a password that is found on attack lists (cybercriminals use passwords from these leaks to brute-force accounts).

milo-yiannopoulos-depaul-university-1-1-640x480Journalist Arrested for Filming DePaul Protests Despite Permission from President of Media Relations

When Segal refused to stop filming, the university administrator called the police. He was consequently arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

“I was booked, fingerprinted, processed and then locked up for 8 hours in a 4 wall concrete cell. I was given two bologna sandwiches to eat,” he added.

However on his Twitter feed, Segal confirmed that he got some “insane footage” of a “rabid, fascist mob of special snowflakes,” that will be uploaded shortly.

1200px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2Donald Trump celebrates delegate win, mocks Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren

Republican candidate Donald Trump on Thursday clinched the nomination for president, after securing 1,238 delegates, setting up what could be one of the ugliest general elections in memory. Trump wasted no time in calling out his detractors, using a victory speech in North Dakota to take shots at Hillary Clinton, his chief rival, and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently criticized him.

calais jungle campThousands of migrants still camped at Calais trying to sneak into Britain

The sprawling tent city, once home to 6,000 migrants, was dismantled earlier this year in a bid to deter migrants from trying to cross into England.

The famous camp once housed shops, restaurants, a hotel, a library and even a nightclub.

Official figures from the Pas de Calais region put the number of tents and shanties at 3,900, which includes those living in a state-run city of converted shipping containers.

Report Warns of Climate Change Disasters That Rival Hollywood’s

stonehengeThe report highlights 31 sites in 29 countries that have already felt some impact from climate change, including well-known tourist destinations like Easter Island and Yellowstone National Park. It was drawn from peer-reviewed science literature, technical reports and local experts, as well as domestic evaluations of the sites prepared for the World Heritage Committee.

“We don’t have enough resources to save every threatened asset,” he said. “Can we save every lighthouse that is on an eroding cliff? Probably not. So there are going to have to be hard choices made in every country.”

illegal-aliensIllegal Aliens To Sue Landlord Because He Asked For Documentation

The Washington Post reports that four families of Latino descent are suing the owner of the Waples Mobile Home Park because of a policy requiring every tenant to have documentation proving their legal status.

Attorneys for the families are alleging that the requirement for all tenants to have a Social Security card, visa and related documents or a passport is discriminatory because it disproportionately affects Latinos.

trumpDonald Trump would allow Keystone XL pipeline and end Paris climate deal

Donald Trump pledged to cancel the Paris climate agreement, endorsed drilling off the Atlantic coast and said he would allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be built in return for “a big piece of the profits” for the American people.

In addition to his pledge to pull out of the Paris climate deal, Trump promised to only work with “environmentalists whose only agenda is protecting nature” and to “focus on real environmental challenges, not the phony ones”.

EcoSexual‘EcoSexual’ students at SMC ‘marry the ocean’

The ceremony began with Bruce Cartier, a former SMC student, proclaiming to those gathered at Santa Monica Beach that “today we stand upon this holy earth and in this sacred space to witness the rite of matrimony between the sea and us all.”

Next, leaders of the event distributed rings to the students, announcing “with this ring, I bestow upon the sea the treasures of my mind heart and hands—as well as my body and soul. With the power vested in us, we now pronounce you ‘married to the sea.’”

hillary-phoneNapolitano: ‘Ample Evidence’ To Indict Clinton, Only Lynch Or Obama Could Prevent It

Napolitano said that “Nobody, not the FBI. Not even her own IT people knew about [Clinton’s use of a server while Secretary of State]. Here’s what is new in the report today. Her server in her house in Chappaqua went down a couple of times. And when it went down, the Blackberry wouldn’t work. And the State Department IT people said here, use a state department Blackberry. And she said through her assistant Huma Abedin, no, because we are concerned with the Freedom of Information Act.”

Bill Clinton’s Personal Aide — With No Security Clearance — Operated Hillary’s Email Server

girl-crying-14915-Year-old German Girl Gang-Molested by Muslim Immigrants – Judge Sentences Child-Molesters to 150 Hours of ‘Community Service’

The judge sentenced Mohammed A. to 20 months for sexual assault. But because this nation of law, after the incidents on New Year’s Eve, “should not slide into a downward spiral, in which we let ourselves be harnessed in front of the wagons of certain political groups” and we should not “pass judgments that please the expectations of an angry mob,” the judge suspended the 20 months and gave him probation instead. Under the requirement that the Iraqi, who lacks even a fixed address, complete 150 hours of community service, the court was ready for the man’s immediate release.

lynchSenators to Loretta Lynch: No, You Cannot Punish Climate Change “Deniers”

Two months ago Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted during congressional testimony that Justice Department attorneys were looking into punishment for the fossil fuel industry and certain individuals, including academics and researchers. Their crime? Rejection or denial of climate change and therefore being opposed to President Obama’s agenda on the issue.

Today, five Republican Senators have sent a letter to Lynch reminding her that in America, we don’t have thought police and the Justice Department doesn’t have the power or authority to punish an entire industry because the people in it they think differently than the progressives in charge of the government.

mexicanflag-768x515Rioters Prove Mexicans “Not Criminals” By Committing Criminal Acts; Prove Their Loyalty To The U.S. By Brandishing The Mexican Flag–Brilliant Strategy!

The violent mayhem being loosed against Trump at various rallies resembles that of a Third World country. It should also remind us that the framers of the U.S. Constitution were against “mobocracy”.

A significant proportion of these rioters are Mexicans or Mexican-Americans, though it is clear they self-identify as the former not the latter.

boats-674193UK to ramp up Med warship patrols amid fears migrant traffickers smuggling terror weapons

Britain is to step up warship patrols in the Mediterranean following concerns that migrant-smuggling routes are also being exploited to transport terrorist weapons, the Government announced last night.

Officials are also expecting a formal request from the new Libyan government for British ships to patrol Libyan waters within days. They said the move was to “assist in the interception of arms and human smuggling”.

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