An Iranian woman explains why she cut her hair short to bypass morality police

On Saturday, the Independent reported how a number of women living in Iran chose to cut their hair short and dress as men in a bid to bypass morality police. One of these women has now decided to speak at length about her own reasons for doing so.

Wearing a hijab is a legal requirement for women in all public places in Iran and strictly enforced by ‘morality police’.

  • ontario john

    But the Toronto Star says wearing a bag over your head is a victory for feminism. How can they be wrong? Everyone loves the Toronto Star. Just like everyone loves Trudeau.

  • H

    Others may disagree with me, but I’ve always had a suspicion that Iran – whether because it’s Shia or because of its Persian ancestry – is fundamentally different than other muslim nations. Alright, maybe that part is obvious: they ARE different, being Shia. But I have also suspected that there is a faint hope that they will turn more secular and even make some of the changes that the woman interviewed advocated.

    If they could only shake off the ugly bearded mullahs. And Obama has only worsened the situation, not just from the perspective of the West, but from that of the average Iranian, by relaxing sanctions on those madmen, and allowing them to develop the bomb – and strengthening them, thereby.

  • vimy

    People forget there were mass demonstrations in the streets when these awful garbs were forced upon them.

    The west also let the people of Iran down more recently when we failed to encourage their popular uprising in the streets of Tehran.