Al Quds Day Toronto’s Sly and Clever Branding Uses “Icon” Mandela to Disguise Its Genocidal Aims

Apparently, someone over in Iran made the executive decision that calling it, say, Final Solution Day…

Toronto's Al Quds Day Annual Jew Hate Parade And Puppet Show

Toronto’s Al Quds Day Annual Jew Hate Parade And Puppet Show

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The only ones who are fooled by this are those who want to be fooled. Every year, it’s the same old b.s. and it accomplishes the same thing: nothing.

  • JoKeR
    • JoKeR

      This is the largest version I could find for those who need larger text…..

      • Daviddowntown

        When I was a teenager in Vancouver, late 60’s, the pejorative in vogue was “rag head.”

        • Frances

          And that generally meant the Shikhs.

          • Minicapt

            Sikhs were “pull starters”.


          • Frances

            And that meant? Sorry – grew up east of Vancouver so never had these cultural influences.

          • Minicapt

            In the former days, lawn mowers came with starter ropes, which you wrapped around the starter pulley and pulled hard.


          • bill smith

            Well, some of them are push starters.. red dot on forehead.

          • Alain

            Shikhs were generally lumped in with Pakis as a general term.

  • Gary

    Don’t forget that McGuinty and Wynne condone these jew-hating homophobes as well as that tacit approval by Barbara Hall that has NEVER seen a jew-hating Homophobic pedophile islamsist she didn’t support .

    Note the link to the Black Lives Matters because back in the 1950’s the Muslim Brotherhood came to the USA to exploit the ignorance of the Blacks that descended from Slavery and could be useful idiots for islam.
    The islamofascists in the Muslim Brotherhood went into the Black ghettos to push the Nation Of islam as the religion of African Blacks because Christians and Jews are the followers of the White religion. Islamists wanted to destroy the USA from within along with using the low IQ for Blacks to cause riots and spread the quranic hatred for non-muslims where Blacks will see Whites as evil oppressor where islam is the answer for equality.
    In 1964 the islamist linked Black Panthers were behind the terrorism plot to bomb the Statue Of Liberty which failed when the FBI caught it in time to stop the bombs.

    Canada is now experiencing the islamists trying to exploit our Blacks in ghettos where the Cultural- based low IQ from single mom immigrant and refugees since the 1970’s plus the failing Public school system pumping out morons in general .
    Justin is bringing in lots of anti-West islamic supremacy low IQ muslim refugees that will pump out Jihad-joe’s for allah on top of the current African Somali muslim mosques we see producing jihadists and their drug-trade to raise money for their wars back home.

    The old Canada died in the 1990’s under Liberalism and now it belongs to the minority groups that can Out Breed all others to dominate and make it just like the hell-hole they fled to be rescued by Canada and enjoy the Free Health Care and in many cases our welfare and housing.

  • UCSPanther

    Didn’t Mandela’s ANC openly endorse, on some level of going all Rwanda on South Africa’s Afrikaaner population?

    If so, then the use of Mandela as propaganda fodder by Al Quds is actually quite accurate, especially considering the antisemitism that has also come out of South Africa as well…

    • Mandela was a convicted terrorist — he wasn’t an innocent “prisoner of conscience”. Statistics show that more Blacks were tortured and murdered by the Black ANC than by the racist/apartheid South African government. The cruel practice of “necklacing” (hanging a tire around the neck of an accused Black “traitor”, filling it with gasoline and lighting it up) was instituted by the ANC. Although Nelson Mandela later had an “epiphany” and renounced violence, it was in fact his imprisonment that led to his reform.

      Btw, his former wife Winnie never reformed and she personally murdered Blacks in the patio of her own home — she was never convicted.

  • ed

    woogle ” new palistian history museum ” just opened at a cost of 30 million dollars .no exhibits ! just bare floors and walls LOL .a made up race has no history [ the 1948 flag of palistine was blue and white with the star of david ] ed uk