War over transgender bathroom access escalates as Texas and ten more states file suit

First came the shock and indignation and now the first major legal counter-attack. Two weeks after President Barack Obama told school districts across America to let transgender students use which ever toilet they liked, eleven US states, led by Texas, have hit back, filing a lawsuit challenging him.

The action, which accuses the Obama administration of trying to turn the nation’s schools into “laboratories for a massive social experiment”, is the latest convulsion in the transgender bathroom issue that has enraged conservative forces across the country and emerged as the civil rights issue of the moment in the United States.

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    • Justin St.Denis

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    • Clink9

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  • FivePointSpurgeon

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  • Justin St.Denis

    To be honest, I thought the person on the right was Tori Spelling until I read the accompanying text. So, I guess I think Tori Spelling looks like a tranny, which she actually does.

    • Clausewitz

      Her Hollywood career is the result of having Daddy owning one of the biggest TV production houses in LA. It sure wasn’t because of talent.

      • Justin St.Denis

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  • Hard Little Machine

    What if you’re a man who thinks he’s a woman who thinks he’s a man?

  • Mr_bigstuff

    The answer is simple – Make the any gender bathroom single use – That is small enough to hold a urinal a hopper and a sink – That way only one freak at a time could use it and every normal person would be safe including the children-

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Here is a variation on a well known parody that is germane to this topic.


    • Justin St.Denis

      Ah yes, the Brits! Their knowledge of crossdressing is positively encyclopedic. 😉