The world’s toughest diplomat strikes again! Canadian ambassador who was hailed a hero after shooting dead Ottawa terrorist now takes on a protester at an Easter Rising ceremony in Ireland

A diplomat hailed a hero worldwide for shooting a gunman who stormed the Canadian parliament has wrestled with a protester at a State-organised ceremony in Dublin.

Kevin Vickers tackled a demonstrator who began chanting ‘insult’ at the service commemorating more than 100 British soldiers killed trying to suppress the Easter Rising a century ago.

Official State events have been held throughout this year to mark all the deaths that occurred during the fighting a century ago in Easter week 1916.

  • V10_Rob

    Prime Minister Vickers…

    Got a ring to it.

  • ontario john

    Of course the CBC has been highly critical of his actions. They even dragged out that old commie Gerald Kaplan to complain about him.

    • People who are lesser men than Kevin Vickers tend to complain.

  • Surele Surele

    Bravo! Can we clone him?

  • Spatchcocked

    And diplomatic immunity…….I wish I had diplomatic immunity.

    Wouldn’t I just make things hot for certain types of folks.

    I can see the headlines….”” Ambassador spatchcocked pulls false tits off transvestite at gay pride event…tries to strangle her him it……..”…..Ambassador spatchcocked lights rainbow flag on fire then pisses on it outside gay club”

    • Maggat

      Tell us where and when, I want to see this with my own eyes.

  • ontario john

    The matter is now settled. Michael Coren was on twitter stating that Vickers should not have done that. Michael also reminds us that Harper is evil.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I am sure Coren has rubbed his little nub raw over this one. He’s the type. He’s a fartcatcher. Fartcatchers are always losers, rather like actual bullies.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Michael Coren is a hypocritical little shit.

  • He is. The Man.

  • Petrilia

    Vickers. Mountie. No more words are necessary

    • canminuteman

      I don’t think the current generation of mounties are made of the same stuff.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Too much affirmative action.

  • Petrilia


  • Brett_McS

    I presume he was appointed by the current government. How did that happen?

    • andycanuck

      No, the previous government.

      I don’t know how easy/difficult it is to remove diplomatic appointees for the Clown Prince to accomplish this. Pretty difficult I’d imagine as the Foreign Service bureaucrats wouldn’t like that sort of precedent being set—they might lose their own positions that way.

      • Brett_McS

        That’s the same system in Australia. Perhaps it is just the Americans that recall and replace all ambassadors when a new administration takes over.

        • andycanuck

          Yes, Brett. They’re usually career civil servants.

          There was a movie from the time about the Canadian diplomats hiding/saving the several American escapees in Iran during the Islamic revolution that had a scene with one of the Americans worried about whether a recent change in government back in Ottawa would see the ambassador recalled and Ambassador Taylor comforts him that our system doesn’t “work” like the American one.