Now is the time for Nukes… Slave Kittens Of ISIS

Islamic State using kittens to lure jihadists to fight

Slave Kitten of ISIS

Slave Kitten of ISIS


  • B@$#@rds!

  • Waffle

    Kittens are sluts — they’ll do anything for food or a cuddle. Shameless!

  • ontario john

    Save the kittens, kill every last one of those muslim bastards.

  • Brenda

    If they’re martyred, they’ll get 72 kittens in heaven.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If any suckers for these pictures are still ignorant of the atrocities committed by ISIS, they deserve the bad endings that are certain to befall them. Meanwhile, here is a good counter to this flimflamery. It’s from the Instagram account “Babes With Cats.”

  • G

    Hey little baby one. Don’t you know you’re playing on the wrong team?

    It’s ok, you don’t know any better. But let me tell you there’s a whole case of nice chicken flavored Temptations treats here for you when you want to defect.

    Don’t forget to piss all over their food before you leave.