Moral Narcissism and the Least-Great Generation

I am of the generation that read The Communist Manifesto before we read the Constitution. Well, not exactly. I did the read the U.S. Constitution and The Federalist Papers, mostly in student-outline versions, so I could get a decent grade in high-school American history and get into a good college. But I really read The Communist Manifesto. It was my samizdat, my underground literature. I can still recall the experience now, well over 50 years later—the intense, almost breathless feeling as I pored over the dog-eared, slim, cheap blue paperback with the prematurely yellowing pages until the small hours of morning.

  • Let’s take William Wordsworth as an example of a disaffected youth growing up. His early poetry romanticised pastoral life and projected post-modern liberal values onto the reader. His later poetry is more sober, like that of a man who finally figured out how the world actually worked.

    Generations now have neither the literacy, the imagination nor the ability to be so self-effacing.

  • UCSPanther

    I have noticed a general ignorance about history, politics and ideology that has really spiked in this day and age.

    It may possibly explain why so many numbskulls these days openly admire ideologies such as Nazism and Marxism while ignoring what they entailed, and often dismissing their well-documented histories as “lies”, and reacting violently towards anyone who dares confront them with the truth.

  • Mal

    Who cares what he has to say?

    Roger L. Simon and his kind destroyed our white Christian culture as they intended.
    Now what is this – an excuse? He’s splainin himself? If so explanation etc. rejected.

    I only hope we can extract a very full measure of revenge more terrible than anyone can imagine.

  • simus1

    Many young people in the mid teens to early adulthood have “open brains” which tend to pick up all sorts of unquestioned or poorly evaluated mental garbage outside their normal boundaries and familiar boring environment.

  • WalterBannon

    This Simon character has the brain activity of a rock

  • John

    I totally agree with this article. The Boomers aren’t the authors if the sixties. That ‘honor’ belongs to those born 10 to 15 years earlier than the post-war generation. It was the 30s born Marxists who led the parade. There’s one other interesting and famous 60s icon that fits the pattern; Charles Manson, born in 34. He led his boomer followers around by the nose. The Manson family is probably the ultimate instance of this generational manipulation.