Land of the middle-aged teen

From Mark Steyn:

John and I chewed over the state’s crackdown on transphobia north and south of the border, the theatrics of Trudeaupian elbows, and Trump and Sanders as contrasting patriarchs. That last one arose from John’s discussion this morning of the extraordinary number of Canadians in their late twenties and thirties still living with their parents – still trudging up the stairs each night to sleep in the same bedroom they’ve slept in since they were curled up with teddy and blankie. More.

Reality check: Perhaps, mercifully for them, they don’t really know what assisted suicide and euthanasia really mean for their class, let alone anything of the history.

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  • Alain

    Ha, when I read the “land of the middle-aged teen”, I thought it was all about our PM. It seems he is not alone nor unique, other than it is a very embarrassing reflection on my country that such a middle-aged teenager would ever become PM.

  • What is “their class”, though? A lot of them are middle-class, like that Italian woman Steyn mentions studying Philosophy.