Europe’s Refugee Crisis Coming to a Head as Right-Wing Parties Surge

After a narrow race in Austria, left-leaning moderate candidate Alexander Van der Bellen barely won the presidential election against right-wing Norbert Hofer on Monday, a slim victory that surprised many.

Hofer stated that although he was sad to lose, his run had been an “investment” in the future of Austria’s right-leaning Freedom Party — an investment which seems to be already earning returns. More conservative parties have gained significant prominence in European countries this past election cycle, and are projected to grow even stronger in the next.

  • Daviddowntown

    From AT:

    May 26, 2016

    Possible electoral fraud in Austrian presidential election

    By Sierra Rayne

    As the days go by, the results of the Austrian presidential election get more suspicious. According to the official results, the far-left candidate Alexander Van der Bellen defeated Norbert Hofer from the Freedom Party of Austria by just 31,000 votes, 50.35% to 49.65%.

    The lights were already blinking red on the day the results were being released. Writing for Breitbart soon thereafter, James Delingpole didn’t mince words and called the election a sham:

    We were continually assured by the left-liberal media how awful it would be if the (supposed) “far-right” candidate Norbert Hofer won. But actually the victory of Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen – on, likely, a rigged ballot – is far, far worse. It’s bad for democracy: Hofer lost by just 31,000 of the 4.64 million votes cast. Suspicions are bound to fall on the 700,000 votes cast in the postal ballot, which appears to be what swung it for Van der Bellen. But postal votes as we know – especially from the experience of Muslim-dominated constituencies in the UK – are prone to rampant fraud. Austrians who voted for Hofer are talking about “betrug” – fraud – and this may well be more than sour grapes. In some areas there was a remarkable 146.9 percent voter turnout. This stinks of a stitch up by the bien-pensant elite in unholy alliance with the immigrant bloc vote.

  • Euro politicians worry about Trump while commiting suicide.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    At least, “far” is missing from the mention of the right-leaning parties.

    Meanwhile, Hamas opposes the Brexit. (Israeli satire.)

    • V10_Rob

      The Eurocrats, Obama, Hamas…

      Have they yet to find a spokesperson for the ‘Stay’ side whose very existence wasn’t an argument to ‘Leave’ in and of themselves?

  • V10_Rob

    The ruling leftists across Europe are having a collective “Oh $#!t…” moment, realizing they may have finally pushed people too far. Shaming voters into line will no longer work, which means they have to make serious policy changes if they want to survive.