Didn’t think you’d live to see sex selection abortions defended?

From LifeNews:

Stern starts by saying

These measures might seem to put abortion rights supporters in a tough spot: The American conversation about abortion centers around women’s equality, yet sex-selective abortions would appear to undermine that equality by perpetuating sex discrimination.

Ah…. yes. That is exactly what it does–targets girls for making the “mistake” of not being boys.More.

Reality check: Time reveals truth. Most gutfelt feminism since the 1970s has been about entrenching abortion, and its impetus will probably now move on to euthanasia, with the killing of preborns safely in hand.

See also: “The Fetus is Breathing, We Can’t Provide Care” Soon, we will be “The Fetus” and they will be the Government

  • What about the fetal girls who identify as boys?

  • Leftism isn’t just evil; it is a mental illness.

    • Alain

      We have been saying that from the start.

      • Leftists would rather eat a bowl of wax then ever admit that their rancid position could be wrong.

  • Gary

    Just wait until Science can ID the sexual preference Markers and the mother can have a Homo-cide abortion to prevent creating a Svend Robinson or Susan G Cole .
    The Rainbow groups will rue the day they marched with the Pro-Choice feminists for Abortion on demand with no laws because when Gays babies are being killed there will be no way to stop it because right now Justin support the Femi-cide abortions to kill a female baby .
    He’s a feminists don’t you know .

    • Will Quest

      JUST-IN’s broadcast that he’s a “feminist’ is an absolute progressive obligation, he simply has no choice. He is in dire need of sister-hood creds, his current, wealthy, privileged, pale-face, cisgender male credentials are reviled in the sewage-holding tank he struts in . So JUST-IN identifies as full-fledged ‘feminist’ . The sensitive man, he feels like a womyn persona . The tenderer-than-thou collectivistic regimenting love, with which the modern world is being swept is a required obsession .

      JUST-IN revels in his superiority to others based on his magic ultra-feminist sensitivity , virtue-signaling at every opportunity his conspicuous & copious female compassion {mimicking Sophie’s sweet mannerisms } , his devotion to the progressives’ anointed victims coupled with his politics of identity, is creating a nation of ‘special-victims ’ and to that pledging to solve all society’s ills only as a womyn could.

      • Gary

        You are correct sir . And this is why I had predicted a while back that Toronto will become like Detroit or Chicago since our Politicians and Schools promote Victim Hood . The BLM supremacy terrorists in Toronto are a Wing of the USA street thugs , plus they are tied to the islamists and Muslim Brotherhood fascists that came to the USA in the late 1950’s to recruit Blacks by telling them thet Jews and Christians are a the White Man’s religions while islam is from Africa as your religion.
        Back in 1964 the Muslim Brotherhood islamists were tied to the Black Panthers ( via the Nation Of islam thugs from the Black ghettos ) that resorted to terrorism but had their Plot to blow-up the Statue Off Liberty foiled by the FBI ( Obama doesn’t seem to want muslims to know their violent history in the USA) .

        I’m sure you know all the rest from the last 25 years in Canada that got us here to these massive Debts from Election fraud and to buy-off the self-segregated Multicultural minority groups that have their children poisoned in the Schools ( now called Screwels ) about how racists and oppressive Canada was to their people.

        Justin is one of several Politicians that spew whatever it takes to gets in power and stay there.
        I now know why Paul Martin hid his wealth outside of Canada as part of being ready to jump ship once Canada become a 3rd World hell-hole run by African and Arab Muslims while the Welfare ghettos become a City .

        • Will Quest

          Amen to that Sir.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Soon liberal science will make up a mythology that they can determine sexual orientation in the womb and they will start passing eugenics laws to exterminate heterosexual babies. You know it, I know it, we all do.