Bigot, Racist, Hater, Islamophobe

When my talk was announced recently, the “virtuous” progressives fired off their usual smear tactics. They did not produce a single fact about me, but said that a leftist group claimed that I was one of the chief Muslim bashers. Which is very odd since I don’t talk about Muslims, just Mohammed and Allah. I am an opponent of political Islam, not Muslims.

  • Tom Forsythe

    At a recent Free Speech event in Ottawa, I was told that anything that “incites violence” should be illegal. This is true, but the way the left defines “inciting violence” is very different from the Common Law definition. If you tell one guy he should attack another, or gin up a mob and tell them to go on a rampage, that is incitement of violence.

    But the multi-cult wants to call any speech or expression that will cause a Muslim to want to decapitate you “incitement to violence.” What? That’s ridiculous.

    That is essentially a thug’s veto on my Free Speech. If any group decides to go berserk over speech, it is the duty of the law to punish THEM, not the speaker. Otherwise, it is like arresting a rape victim because she was too provocatively dressed; oh wait, Muslims already do that.

    • The left want to veto all speech they disagree with.