VIDEO: Countering Radical Islam – A Moderate Muslim Speaks Out

How did a terrorist cell find safe haven in a Muslim community in Brussels and carry out two successful terrorist attacks over four months?

  • The Butterfly

    Moderate muslim, is that like a moderate nazi?

    • David

      When they cut your head off the blade will be really sharp.

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    This snake oil salesman isn’t worth much more than a cut and paste of what I commented on this video yesterday when uploaded it to YouTube……….

    QUOTE –‘If you buy what this guy is selling than perhaps you would be interested in buying some unicorn food?

    Because, to put it frankly, unicorns will materialize long before this guy’s fantasy-derived version of Islam is being practiced by the Muslim masses.

    To say this guy is a better person than he is a Muslim is one thing, but don’t pretend that when the shit hits the fan his loyalty will lie with the Non-muslims.’ — END QUOTE

    This guy peddles in hope. The minute he leaves Islam or is 100% honest with himself or others about what his religion traditionally teaches he becomes 100% unmarketable to the media and his publishers/enablers.

    Bosch Fawstin, ex-muslim, is 10 times the man Zudhi Jasser pretends to be.

    Just call a spade a spade already, Zudhi!

  • JPfromtheeast

    There is, by definition of reformation as everyone tries to use it, no way for a reformation in Islam other than the only one that exists now. The drive to recreate a Caliphate. PERIOD. All others are apostate muslims.