Taiwan vet commits suicide over putting dogs to sleep

From Mashable:

Animal shelter vet ends her life after online attacks over euthanasia, reports say

According to Chinese reports, she was already feeling depressed at having to put the dogs down, but it appears that the online backlash after she appeared on TV talking about her job was too much to bear.

In a suicide note she left behind, she said: “A (human) life is no different from a dog’s; I will die from the same drugs that we use to put dogs peacefully to sleep.”More.

Welcome to where what we voted for will be in fewer years than many think.

By the way, does anyone know why the Tories have been so lame on the euthanasia issue? Why would anyone ever elect them again?

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  • This poor young woman’s life could have been saved had she spent a summer working on a farm, or in the Canadian wilds with Indigenous hunters and trappers. The reality of life and death concerning animals becomes routine — it’s obvious that humans have had to dominate the animal world for reasons of survival since the beginning of time.

    Obviously more difficult in the case of potential pets, but if “pets” over-multiply they are nothing more than PESTS. It’s a reality that the contemporary animal movement is disconnected from — these people know nothing about nature. Btw, funny how we’ve never heard about a nurse in an abortion clinic committing suicide out of guilt — priorities are backwards.

  • WalterBannon

    Nearly half of Americans now think humans are not special…

    Having met many “liberals”, I can confirm that this is right.

    Currently evolution is experimenting with having us apes at the top of the food chain, but we are doing our best to see that we do not take the record for ruling this planet away from the dinosaurs.