Slovakian Prime Minister Calls Muslims Unwelcome in His Country

One hopes that Saudi Arabia steps up to bat for these huddled masses:

The Italian navy says it has recovered seven bodies from an overturned migrant ship off the coast of Libya. A further 500 migrants who were on board were rescued safely.

A statement from the Italian navy Wednesday says the Bettica patrol ship was responding to a migrant ship in distress when the vessel flipped, sending migrants into the sea. …

In Slovakia, meanwhile, the prime minister said Wednesday his country is not a suitable place for Muslims to live because they could change centuries-long traditions.

In an interview with the local press agency TASR, Robert Fico said he doesn’t want to have “tens of thousands of Muslims” in Slovakia.

His country is also a vocal opponent of a compulsory EU plan to redistribute refugees in member states and is suing the EU over it.

Fico charges the Muslims would change Slovakia’s traditions, which have “been present here for centuries.”