Satanic or what? Saudi cleric says pictures with cats a no-no

A Saudi cleric recently ruled that taking pictures with cats, or any other animals, is forbidden and that taking pictures in general, regardless of the animal preferred, is prohibited.

Islam is one messed up cult.

  • Clink9

    I kinda agree with the cat thing …. I’ll let myself out now …

    • Dana Garcia

      Being bi-petual — I like most dogs & most cats — I’m guessing that’s also a no-no in some quarters.

  • “A Saudi cleric recently ruled that taking pictures with cats … is forbidden”.

    The cult of Islam allows “clerics” to trailblaze Muslims to the bottom of the cesspool.

  • simus1

    Give us that Old Time sharia,
    Give us that Old Time sharia,

    Why do they insist on calling these flat earther barbarians “clerics”?
    Don’t recall witch doctors ever being called such.

  • tom_billesley

    If your goatfriend photobombs your selfie it’s haram?

  • tom_billesley

    Forbidden picture: lord of the flies

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I guess this picture from Israel has the poor imam all shook up.

    • Nice pussy.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        And the chick ain’t bad looking either.

  • Ed

    “…Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah declared in January that chess “brings enmity and hatred between its contestants” and is forbidden because it “encourages gambling and is a waste of time and finances.”

    Right. Because arabs are otherwise known for their industry and hard work.

    Oh, and what about a video of the sheikh’s fatwa. Is video ok but photography bad?

  • Dana Garcia

    I thought allah-bots only hated dogs, but cats were cool. Oh well.

    Apparently they despise every living thing on earth that isn’t a fellow Muslim to whom they are related.

  • ed

    the krapan forbids any image of a living thing ,it also forbids any music by string or wind , it forbids chess as only allah can decide checkmate , the krapan forbids muslim males to stand to urinate as holding themselves may cause excitement , rubbing sex with little girls and screwing your 1st cousin ,beheading ,stoning , honour killings , acid throwing , FGM , jihad terror are all ok with mohammad

  • I am telling you: Mohammad was a cat person.

    From “The Book of Lists” (Wallenchinsky, David/Wallace, Amy, Irving, Sylvia; Bantam Books; United States; 1981; 115):

    “The founder of the Muslim faith believed that dogs were unclean. However, cats found favor in his eyes. In order to go to prayers, he once cut off the sleeve of his robe so as not to disturb his sleeping cat.”

    This in mind, is the Saudi cleric being un-Islamic?

    • He’s a Blasphemer!

      • Why, Mohammad would have him struck down for his disparaging remarks against Fluffy ibn Whiskers ibn Mr. Bigglesworth!

      • NoBamaYoMama

        My Kitty says that the Blasphemer should be given the Claws of Death!

  • NoBamaYoMama

    PBUH (Pussycats Be Upon Him) !