Ontario students falling through the cracks; TDSB enrolment falls over sex-ed curriculum

Manahil Arshad Khalil, a 12-year-old with glasses and an impish smile, sits in her Toronto bedroom, at a computer. When she finishes scribbling a math equation she holds it up to the screen and watches a Skype window framing the face of a young woman in Pakistan – her teacher.

Taped to the wall is a piece of paper on which Manahil has written her daily schedule, signing it “Manahil!!!” Like her 10-year-old sister and seven-year-old brother, she does roughly two hours of science a day, two hours of math, an hour of Islamic studies and an hour of social studies. The children take just 45 minutes of break time.

Last year, they were students at Thorncliffe Park Public School. But now they’re home-schooled, after their parents pulled them out in reaction to Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum.

  • CodexCoder

    The Liberals of Ontario wouldn’t listen and brought this on themselves. I feel no pity for them.

    • Gary

      Wynne and Dalton McLiar thought that if they gave Muslims a mosque in the Valley park public school and gave them bags of money to stay the hell out of their White Liberal neighbourhoood …. that would appease the muslims that voted for Wynne and got her the MPP seat for that area.
      The Popeyes Chicken restaurant in Thorncliff park is Halal to appease the muslims and make them feel as if they are back home in the hell-holes they fled for our Welfare system .
      There is NO appeasement level for muslims because the quran tell them that they are the Master Faith blessed by allah and destine to rule the World in a Caliphate.

      Poor wynne , just wait until the terrorism starts and Liberals lose their Wealthy White neighbourhoods to the roaming jihadists that the Police fear arresting and being called racists and lose their jobs.
      Wynne just aided in the a mini-caliphate where Muslims will now break off most ties with being Canadian and expand their populations to demand an islamic State status for part of Toronto and the GTA.
      Maybe this time they will be successful in bombing the CBC HQ on front street and save us $1billion a year on deadwood and women beating muslim males on staff.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Your last paragraph is very incisive. We can all hope …

      • moraywatson

        Yup. The G&M commenters are concerned because there are young ones that are escaping the clutches of the socialist indoctrination process that Toronto “liberals” love so much. Nary a one seems to be aware enough to detect an issue with one hour a day of “islamic studies” in the homemadrassah environment.

  • andycanuck

    Law of unintended consequences sees future legal online Madrassahs.

    • Alice Creighton

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      • Minicapt

        Someone should send Alice the contact info from Billy-Bob, give him some action.


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  • FivePointSpurgeon

    See the silver lining in this at all? She’s not a Muslim out in public during the day.

  • Brenda

    So the sex ed curriculum has facilitated people hiving off into insular home-schooling faith groups that shun the larger society. But they will still vote for the party that inflicted this on us.

  • marty_p

    What’s preventing …..Today said Manahil Arshad Khalil, a 12-year-old with glasses and an impish smile, “My on line teacher in Pakistan taught me that Jews are sons of monkeys and pigs, that they control the world and that Zionism is the cause of all of our problems…and my history class topic tomorrow is how the Jews caused WW2 and created a fictional story called the Holocaust to justify stealing Palestinian land”.

    • Waffle

      Marty, I think they teach something strangely similar in publicly-funded schools right now.