My First Hizb-ut-Tahrir Conference

The half-full banquet hall, divided into the men’s side and the women’s side, admitted about 100 attendees. A black flag with white script was on display, on both the screen and on the podium. “Why,” I said to the woman next to me, “is this flag there? Is that not the ISIS flag?” The woman, later identified as Naeema, said it was not, and called her son, one of the organizers, to address the question. It seemed difficult for him, too; he went off to look for someone else more knowledgeable to the help with the problem. Naeema explained that the writing was different. “I can read Arabic,” I said.

No one could be found to answer the question.

  • He reads Arabic. And the idiot Canadian-born Muslims that support the extremists can’t read Arabic, so they don’t know what they’re supporting (supposedly).

    Although here we are writing in English, and BCF documents this stuff in English. Can you read English, Mr. Trudeau?